To New Beginning and Old Ties- Anupama Plus’s Anupama is real life playing on Television. The portrayal of each characters is so realistic and close to reality, one is bound to get engrossed in the storyline.
The lead protagonist played by Rupali Ganguly is a tribute to mothers- silent hero’s in the background that make the otherwise dysfunctional family appear endearing and normal. Sudhanshu Pandey smoothly balances the role between swaying either ways depending on where the wind takes the story.
The show recently showcased a Divorce Track between the lead track with utmost dignity and class. While it is true that no relationship ending brings happiness, this story of a everyday  homemaker standing up for herself and her self respect is what setting the right kind of example comprises of. Anupama is emotional, rooted and extremely vulnerable, yet she is done with being a push over. 
The makers have ensured that the entire track of divorce could have made the lead actors look Needy but you know at the back of your mind that they will never step out of their characters. Kavya puts her insecurities of a girlfriend to the fore in such a heart breaking manner, many times you end up feeling her reactions are mostly human. She is not conniving to the point where she will drop oil on the floor so that Anupama could Fall, but she will also compete with Pakhi as an equal by being equally or more childish. She has waited for the divorce to materialise like a child has waited for a seed he/she has planted to bear it’s first fruit. Madalsa Sharma makes it hard for us to hate Kavya at times because your heart goes out to her reactions though she is mostly wrong and flawed in the way she thinks. Kudos to the actor for making the character adorable nevertheless.
Every character on the show is extremely real and brings a personal flavour to the story. Every characters personal equation beautifully culminates towards the main story so perfectly in this extremely engaging screenplay. 
You see the dreams, aspirations, hopes and expectations of every character in the story in a way that any person who watches it is bound to connect with someone or the other on the show.
In the last 12 months that the show has been on air the makers have managed to make every track special. off to Rupali Ganguly and Sudhanshu Pandey as Anupama and Vanraj.  Their extremely flawed marriage manages to evoke certain amount of loyalty though it borders on being so wrong. You are forced to think for a moment, why not it’s after all human. Then you think no, tv viewing calls for aspirational expectations and their virtual fulfilment of its viewers. 
The show toys with extreme stereotypes while continuously breaking it smartly. You expect Vanraj to be broad minded and sophisticated because of his exposure, and Anupama to be a little more unwelcoming to change. This is where Rajan Shahi’s creative team takes you by surprise. They show you can’t judge a book by it’s cover. While every track on the show only continues you suprise you with their plot line, they also deliver heart-warming messages packaged with dollops of entertainment. The recent Nandini track for instance, where the issue of young couples choice of embracing parenthood is addressed with so much sensitivity. portrays extreme strength in her character while she continues to embrace the role of being a new age mother with teen and adult kids, a new mother in law or a teacher who grows comfortable in her shoes. While each of the characters thread their paths, they ensure they keep their family ties intact, never failing in their duties, responsibilities or obligations. They may be flawed as humans but they play their family and inter personal roles with utmost honesty and sincerity. 
As the show takes new twists and turns everyday, it sets the right examples, giving you life’s lessons that you follow your heart and it won’t let you down. You stand up for the right thing you will eventually be happy. You give your 100% and leave it to outcome things are bound to happen in your favour. 
More for another day. But for now we applaud the makers and the actors for making this story so praiseworthy. 


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