Friends: The Reunion-A Review by Neeharika
Just woke up after the Friends Reunion, I just wanted to absorb the feeling and emotion for the night before I could make this post. 
A show that took the Television world by storm comprising of Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe, this world famous sit-com ran for a decade comprising 326 episodes between 1994 and 2004.
Over the years the show garnered fans world over and the friends lingo, their signature one liners and episodes became a part of our daily lives.
When curtains fell on the show in 2004 the world cried with the cast, but the reruns kept everyone safe. There has never really been a time when Friends has not been on air on any one of the channels on Television. The show inspired so many others that followed, but this simple of just friends, their friendship and every story revolving around just the foundation of their bonding always remained everyone’s best version yet. 
So when the friends re-union was announced sometime back it almost felt like a class or a school reunion where you would get to see the all your old pals.
So, It was not only a visual treat watching all 6 of them back together, it triggered an all new high as a fan when they reacted to most of the scenes like viewers and fans in hindsight.
Being a BTS Junkie the sequence was worth the wait, showing how the camaraderie on screen had built such a beautiful bond off it too, more so after all these years.
While the cast and crew plays a game answering and recollecting moments from the show, you start to pride yourself over how much you know the show yourself. It’s a good ego boost in that sense.
I personally was kicked when every sequence and episode they picked turned out to be among my personal favourites too (and I can vouch, had they picked some other sequences, I would have felt the same way).
The surprise of the night however came in, when David and Jen admitted to something millions of friends would have only wished were true … 
Over all, a wonderful journey down the memory lane, as every sequence and every reaction triggered a different emotion that each of us may personally have been going through when the show was on air. 
Looping in the likes of Kit Harrington, Mindy Kaling, Justin Beiber, David Bechkam and others only made the event grand in entirety.
I won’t want to give away too much (apologies in advance if my excitement already hasn’t already) but I want every Friends to watch it for old times sake and also because the one hour thirty nine minutes were worth every second. 
Alright I am going to watch it again (like I do with the rest even today, when I am eating, when I am bored, when I am upset and when I just want to watch it).
Watching Friends in your 30’s has an all new meaning as you connect with the show differently at this age. It is no wonder that the show was so universally received by all ages with so much love. The show takes me back to the time when I watched it for the first time and I remember exactly what I felt like or was personally going through at that time in life. Friends has that connect and I am sure I am not alone.
You are talking to the person who got to visit the United States for the first time in her life, and all she did for the ten days was lock herself inside and finish all the seasons of friends at one go back to back, night and day, fighting jet lag, coping with my grandma’s illness, learning of a friends sudden demise, and stepped out to visit someone only to realise they had the whole original friends collection in their library. I knew I had started watching the show at that time for a reason and the reason took me straight to the US without even planning it out if the blue. You attract what you love, and this was proof. 

I need to stop !

Let’s play a little Game. I have curated some basic questions that I shall answer about friends, and I want you to do the same in the comments below ! Let’s have fun, as we do this.

My favourite Friends Character: Changed each time J watched it, but I think has to be Phoebe. 

My favourite scene : The one where Phoebe forces Chandler to come out and accept he loves Monica. 

Favourite Line : Chandler : In 9th Grade I failed Biology but today Biology failed me. 
Joey Doesn’t share food !

Favourite Couple : Didn’t have any !

The Year I started watching Friends: 2006 September.

Number of times You have watched the series: Lost Count.

Emotions after the reunion : could we be any more excited ?

Which Indian Show’s Reunion Would you like to watch in this Format : Dill Mill Gayye. 

If you haven’t watched the show, please do. Those in India can watch it on Zee 5 while outside it is available on HBO Max. 


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