Dil Se Hyderabadi with Sai Ketan Rao- Part 2

Happy Sunday Munchies !!! We Hyderabadi’s take pride in saying “Hydraaavd se hai hum Logaan” (We belong to Hyderabad). We own and flaunt our Hindi mostly Deccani because it’s a dialect that has a USP of its own. Every Hyderabadi is expected to know one language more than their own mother tongue and  that’s Hyderabadi Hindi. 
While we get to see Raghav Rao on Mehendi Hai Rachne Waali on Star Plus mouthing Telugu influenced Hindi on National Television, we got curious if that is how Actor Sai Ketan Rao speaks for real or it is the actors versatility. We were amazed that Ketan can speak perfect Hindi otherwise and it is his role that demands him to speak the language that way. Kudos to the actor for being able to switch accents with such ease and style. 
So while you relish your Sunday Lunch, watch this fun session and do not forget to tell us what you felt after watching it. 
In this Part 2 of the interview with the Actor he talks about his Hyderabadi connection, what he relishes and how rooted he is to the city. Hope this puts a smile to your face as it did for us. 


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