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To New Beginning and Old Ties- Anupama

Star Plus’s Anupama is real life playing on Television. The portrayal of each characters is so realistic and close to reality, one is bound to get engrossed in the storyline. The lead protagonist played by Rupali Ganguly is a tribute to mothers- silent hero’s in the background that make the otherwise dysfunctional family appear endearing and normal. Sudhanshu Pandey smoothly balances the role between swaying either ways depending on where the wind takes the story. The show recently showcased a Divorce Track between the lead track with utmost dignity and class. While it is true that no relationship ending brings happiness, this story of a everyday  homemaker standing up for herself and her self respect is what setting the right kind of example comprises of. Anupama is emotional, rooted and extremely vulnerable, yet she is done with being a push over.  The makers have ensured that the entire track of divorce could have made the lead actors look Needy but you know at the back of your mind

Friends: The Reunion-A Review by Neeharika

Just woke up after the Friends Reunion, I just wanted to absorb the feeling and emotion for the night before I could make this post.  A show that took the Television world by storm comprising of Monica, Chandler, Ross, Rachel, Joey and Phoebe, this world famous sit-com ran for a decade comprising 326 episodes between 1994 and 2004. Over the years the show garnered fans world over and the friends lingo, their signature one liners and episodes became a part of our daily lives.  When curtains fell on the show in 2004 the world cried with the cast, but the reruns kept everyone safe. There has never really been a time when Friends has not been on air on any one of the channels on Television. The show inspired so many others that followed, but this simple of just friends, their friendship and every story revolving around just the foundation of their bonding always remained everyone’s best version yet.  So when the friends re-union was announced sometime back it almost felt like a class or a

Dil Se Hyderabadi with Sai Ketan Rao- Part 2

Happy Sunday Munchies !!! We Hyderabadi’s take pride in saying “Hydraaavd se hai hum Logaan” (We belong to Hyderabad). We own and flaunt our Hindi mostly Deccani because it’s a dialect that has a USP of its own. Every Hyderabadi is expected to know one language more than their own mother tongue and  that’s Hyderabadi Hindi.  While we get to see Raghav Rao on Mehendi Hai Rachne Waali on Star Plus mouthing Telugu influenced Hindi on National Television, we got curious if that is how Actor Sai Ketan Rao speaks for real or it is the actors versatility. We were amazed that Ketan can speak perfect Hindi otherwise and it is his role that demands him to speak the language that way. Kudos to the actor for being able to switch accents with such ease and style.  So while you relish your Sunday Lunch, watch this fun session and do not forget to tell us what you felt after watching it.  In this Part 2 of the interview with the Actor he talks about his Hyderabadi connection, what he relishes and how

Mast Baatan-With Sai Ketan Rao/Raghav Rao

Rangmunch TV would like to wish all its readers and viewers a blessed Eid.  Today’s interview is special for us here at Rangmunch TV. It is not every day that you see someone from Telugu make such a lasting impression that too on Indian Television.  Reaching out to the TV’s latest Heartthrob was easy as he promptly agreed to do an interview for us. Ketan hails from Hyderabad and is more than happy to be back shooting on home ground.  His portrayal as Raghav Rao, a Hyderabadi Don leaves audiences with spellbound emotions as he aces his portrayal with a perfect mix of accent, intensity and neat acting. His one liners are hugely popular and the show is already everyone’s favourite. It is not just female adulation but Ketan has managed to garner a good number of male following in this short time. We would like to wish him all the very best.  We are proud Hyderabadi’s and this First ever Telugu-English interview is sure to give you more insight into Ketan the person. Presenting Part 1 of th