Quick 5 with Director Iqbal Rizvi

Director Iqbal Rizvi has been associated with us here at Rangmunch.TV even before it’s inception. He is a creative genius who doesn’t like to restrict his work spectrum to one platform. He has worked on Music Videos, he has dabbled with Animation and has also Directed Television Shows. Very recently he made a short film My Unblood Brother that he shot out of his mobile phone and it was screened at the Ireland Film Festival. 
Presenting a our signature segment Quick 5 that will help you know him better. 

1. Your First Television Show as a Director: 
Iqbal Rizvi: Bongo (Doordarshan)

2.TV Shows/Music Videos or Shortfilm’s:
Iqbal Rizvi: Can’t pick one. All of them.

3.Your Favourite DOP on Television:
Iqbal Rizvi: Hanoz V K

4.Your Favourite genre of Content:
Iqbal Rizvi: Slice of Life

5.All time Favourite Director:
Iqbal Rizvi: Raj Kumar Hirani 

We are going to come out with a detailed interview with Iqbal Rizvi very soon where he talks about his work, what drives him as a maker as well as his views of various current issues. 


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