Netflix Never Have I Ever Gets Renewed for Season 2!
Mindy Kaling’s Never Have I Ever on Netflix is a teen web-series about young Devi, and her teen issues as she copes with her dad’s untimely death and also has a hard time trying to fit into her class during her Sophmore year.
Devi has a huge crush on high school heart throb Paxton and wishes to be with him. She also has a fellow competitor Ben who is always running her on the wrong side.
Her best friends Eleanor and Fabiola (DEF) as we remember the trio are always by her side cheering for her until they realise Devi has drifted off into a zone of her own and she find herself in a puddle with everyone but Ben abandoning her.

She has issues with her mother, and also has a hard time understanding why she still has to be deeply rooted to India. To add to it her sessions with her Shrink only make dealing with her reality worse
Mindy Kaling, the queen of comedy puts together an interesting show which ends on a very surreal yet cliffhangerish note. 

We are thrilled to know the show has been renewed for Season 2. If you haven’t caught season 1 you can go do it right away on Netflix.

Here is a link to a short teaser of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan who plays Devi calling all her friends on Video Chat to let them know something interesting and all the characters are being their quirky selves. 


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