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Actor Dinesh Mehta of Santoshi Maa fame starring Gracy Singh has a charming persona. He portrays the role of Lord Shiva with utmost grace on screen after playing various roles of mythological and historic shows such as Suryaputra Karna, Chandra Gupta Maurya, Mahakali-Anth Hi Aarambh hai. Buddha where he was seen essaying negative roles. 
The Actor is thrilled to be finally playing a Positive role under the Banner of Rashmi Sharma Telefilm’s Santoshi Maa. Rangmunch. TV got in touch with the actor to know a little more about the real person behind the avatars he portrays on screen. 
RM: Your Full Name

DM: Dinesh Mehta 

RM: What makes you happy ?

DM: I am happy when I am working. I like staying busy so if I am not working I am either meditating or praying.

RM: What makes you angry ?

DM: I do not like it when people are unprofessional. People call you and then they come late. I get angry when people do not value time as I believe in being punctual no matter what.

RM: What does your name mean ?

DM: Dinesh means The Sunhttps://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=1_Q3YhYHDE0Vp57OjftEhe7mbwjwFHlc1

RM: What do you like to do the most on your mobile phone ?

DM: I mostly browse through YouTube for music that is soothing and motivational. I also look for things that are boost positivity.

RM: On a scale of 1-10 how content are you with your life right now ?

DM: I cannot put a number to it. I believe in finding happiness in whatever I have. Money doesn’t give one happiness. You think if you achieve something you might be happy. But in reality it is important to be balanced and sorted.

RM: What is your favourite pass time on the set ?

DM: I like to browse on my mobile.

RM: Addictions if any ?

DM: I have none. May be my mobile but I know I can control it whenever I want to.


RM:How hard is it to survive in a competitive career such as acting ?

DM: I have been acting for five years now and I have only worked with 5% of the Production Houses. Most people live in Andheri but I live closer to the set as I am very lazy. I do not go chasing after work and find myself lucky for getting the kind of work that is coming my way. 

RM: How open are you to working on Web-Series ?

DM: I do get calls for Web-Series, but most of it is adult content that I am not very comfortable with. I feel the content I take up should benefit society in someway as people watching shows tend to get influenced by them. That is the reason why I prefer being a part of Historics and Mythological shows.

I was offered Vikram Bhatt’s Zindabad recently and it was a story about RAW agents. I am open to good work at the end of the day.

RM: Does boredom ever set in as a part of your work ?

DM: I haven’t been bored of what I have done so far. I am open to whatever work has to offer.

RM: When is your birthday ?

DM: 31st August.

RM: Does getting typecast scare you ?

DM: I was being offered only negative roles for the longest time. Even back home our neighbours would ask our parents why I do only Goon characters. Thankfully I have been able to break that mould with Santoshi Maa where I play Lord Shiva. 

RM: As an actor, how do you cope with mental stress ?

DM: When I came to Bombay I didn’t do theatre like many others. But I made sure I took part in as many auditions as possible. I would also attend workshops and take up modelling assignments. One needs to prepare themselves before entering this profession. After this you need to give yourself some time to access yourself. If you wait for that one opportunity you are seeking, and it doesn’t happen it may depress you. However, there is plenty of work in this industry. If you can’t act, you can still be a part of various other professions within the industry that would help you learn. Do not waste your time. Survival is hard but you need to know where your life is taking you. In my case I do not run after work. I only attempt to work on a role if I fit into it.

RM:What are the precautions that are being taken on your set to combat the current COVID-19 scenario ?

DM: Our production house Rashmi Sharma Telefilms that I am working with for the very first time, has ensured that all safety precautions are taken. As soon as we enter the set there is a thermal sanitisation process, this is followed by a temperature check as well as oxygen level check. We are getting used to frequently sanitising ourselves after every shot. Every person on the set including light men carry sanitisers and they come to you and help you. 

Luckily since it is a mythological show, we shoot mostly on a chroma mat and we do maintain a distance. Of course we can’t chit chat and hang out with our co-stars as before, but there is plenty of time in the future when we can do all of that. For now following rules is the need of the hour.

RM: What is the kind of feedback you have been receiving for your role as Shiva ?

DM: Thankfully all positive. Whoever I meet tells me I am doing a good job. 

RM-RangmunchDM- Dinesh Mehta
As told to Niharika Vidya Sagar


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