Actor Designer Shraddha Nigam shares her Darkest Moment with the world.
Shraddha Nigam is a successful designer of the label ShraddhaNigamMayankAnand and her quirky yet simple designs make you sit and go wow! 
A couple of years ago Shraddha Nigam was also a Television and Film Actor. However the organic shift into designing seems to have brought in a magical healing into her personality. 
Today she posted a video after ages on her Facebook handle where she talks about the darkest period of her life and how she overcame it. The effort and the gumption it took to come out and voice her feelings is palpable. 
A lot of us go through good and bad days. Sometimes the bad ones seem harder to handle than one can imagine. Shraddha tells us how she tackled with the situation where the thought of ending her life came before her. 
She talks of the support system and also the method she followed and still does. We don’t want to give away much but we would like for you to go and check it out for herself in this heartfelt video.

A lot of public figures are starting to talk about mental health and share their personal experiences with their fans and viewers and this effort should not be disregarded or judged. Everything ia after all not gossip or a thing for speculation. 
If we say “ my doors are open and I am available 24x4 for you” say it only when you mean it. If you are the kind of a person who doesn’t care too much about another life, the least you can atleast do is refrain from gossiping and speculating.
On that note, we would like to say this video made our day and we are sending in all our best wishes and gratitude to Shraddha as she made our Sunday a lot more beautiful. 


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