What we can do about Depression ?

A lot has been said or discussed about the suicide of celebrities and the latest one being Sushant Singh Rajput. 
The autopsy report also confirms he died by asphyxiation. I don’t want to repeat what everyone else everywhere has said and fill up the web space with the same information.

As soon as someone’s cause for passing is suicide people suddenly start talking about how they are there for anyone who needs them and that they should open up and speak if something is bothering them.
One simple question to ask here is, if someone feels connected enough to another to share his or her deepest worries, wouldn’t they do that anyway ? What then drives them to take the extreme step ? 
Mental health awareness or discussion is still a taboo to most people. While it is easy to say “I saw the signs or they couldn’t have done it they always seemed so happy” may I ask you a question. Does a person with diabetes spit out sugar or is a person with thyroid always moody ?. Everything is an episode. Mental illness is most often brushed aside as non-existent. People around tell you, stop cribbing, stop complaining , what else do you need ? Don’t feel bad, life goes on.. etc. 
If any signs of help or dependency are shown they are assumed “hard to handle” and “tough to be around”. How then does one handle it ? Is it fair to put so much pressure on someone else who is unequippped to handle your ups and downs ? May be or may be not.
The first stage of aquainting yourself with mental illness is denial. You know something is going wrong but you are afraid of appearing weak or being termed crazy. Even people around you easily say “this could be your imagination”. Like the other day a friend who has been on medication for depression and anxiety for a while, was told by her boyfriend “people who spend too much time online start to believe they are anxious and depressed”. She was mighty upset and said how can someone who claims to love me so much think this way about me ? I told her, blame him if he knows what it is and says it despite that. For someone who is totally unaware of what it is, it is as good as non existent. She seemed convinced but not totally.
To cut the long story short. Let’s talk solution now. Is it realistic to expect an already upset person to turn to someone and speak to them ? May be not. If they could have they would have. 
For starters there are plenty of tests online that ask you questions and give you a score. Even if you are on the borderline see a doctor. That is step one. 
Even otherwise, if something bothers you please go see a psychologist. No one is judging you. Be vocal about it. Stop thinking something is wrong with you. When you have fever you don’t let it get worse. You take a paracetamol and then let your body fight an infection. Seek the necessary help needed.
There are plenty of exercises and activities that help tackle depression and anxiety. We will soon be sharing them with you soon. 
Lastly, if you feel someone around is mentally unwell, give them a long rope. Make them realise they can share and you are not a wall. 
If you have no real or concrete information do not give free advice like “you should be happy”. “You need to stay busy”. “You should “meditate”. Most of these things are known to people suffering from depression. It is only when they can’t control themselves even beyond all this does their mind turn to a dark place where they see no other answer.
Celebrity Suicides get hyped more than normal ones. But that doesn’t mean they are not normal human beings. Remember next time someone may not show any signs at all and the onus also doesn’t lie with you to read the signs. 
Let’s make this world a happier place by allowing everyone to peacefully co-exist by not judging them or being over presumptuous about them. 

To summarise :

1. If you feel down and out and think something could be wrong there is no harm seeing a psychologist. 

2. Please understand there is a difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist. So do not think they will put you on anti-depressants that will make you dull or put on weight or that it will make you an addict. If detected early therapy can do wonders.

3. Like in the case of every other illness there is a need for certain life style modifications and in this case since it is the human mind involved it may be a little harder than other illnesses. Have someone around you that can hold your hand and make you do it.

4. Lastly it is impossible to avoid people who are judgemental and telling you what to do. So self love is most important. While most people may laugh, read self live books or do things that build your self confidence and let you love you more. It doesn’t matter if the world thinks you are rubbish. You need to look at a life ahead of you that you can build into a perfect dream you foresee for yourself.

5. Take that test online today and go seek help if needed. 

I know this article has nothing to do with TV or Movies, but it was needed because everyone around talks about something only when something happens and forgets about it immediately after.

We can’t totally stop suicides from happening but we can reduce their occurance by helping ourselves in between. This article in particular is for all those of you that feel neglected or depressed and have no one to turn to. Remember no one knows how to feel better than you yourself do.

Stay happy ! Stay healthy. Smile more. 


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