We are extremely elated to announce the revival of our beloved project Rangmunch.TV. We are here to bring to you our thoughts, ideas and feedback on shows. There will be interviews as well as always. 

Over the years our video content on our Channel has garnered in-numerous number of views and subscribers and we are very thankful to you for the same. 
We have close to 15000 subscribers on our Youtube Channel and the number is growing everyday.We hope the same will translate multi-folds in the days to come. Our return video speaks for itself.

This time around as well our focus shall be on people and stories from behind the scenes and we will do our best to keep the flavour of Rangmunch intact. We will include short-films, movies, Telugu Television as well as films as a part of our content. Not only are we excited to bring you all this news we also promise you, you will continue to feel connected with what you read. You will also be given an opportunity to share your views on content as before. Here's to our second innings. Thanks a lot for your patience and this time around it is going to be a lot more fun.

Lots of Love,


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