TV Shows- A Funny Take

Before I begin, I must say that I am going to list some amusing things that are rampant in the daily soaps these days. This is just a funny take and I have no intentions of offending the ardent fans of any shows/actors. I am not a veteran as far as the experience of watching soaps is concerned and this is an amateurish attempt of sharing a few of my quick observations and random thoughts about our daily soaps. Hope you will enjoy reading it.

Don’t just overhear conversations dude!
The hero is generally not seen worrying about his office/business and is seen more at home. Come on dude, there’s life beyond overhearing conversations and then doing the right thing to bail the heroine out of the situation. To fund your hearth, home and the kitchen politics, you need to focus on your work.

‘Chunri sambhal gori’: No wonder, heroines don’t don western avatar in our soaps. If they did, the creatives will be deprived of the cinematic liberties that they enjoy by showing the dupatta stuck up in hero’s shirt to symbolize Kismet Konnection. Full marks go to dupatta for playing the cupid’s part so impeccably.

Stand on your feet baby: I wonder why the heroine is not so clumsy before the hero steps into her life. Enter the hero and the game of falls and catches begins. Take a bow hero- you are a Jonty Rhodes when it comes to catches! I also appreciate how effortlessly you can lift the heroine (even if she doesn’t boast of a size zero figure) in your arms. Our heroes have such a perfect timing that the damsel in distress is never left alone.


Spare the glycerine and spoil the show: I believe this is what the creatives believe in. The female protagonist is generally shown shedding litres of glycerine at the drop of a hat. May be, viewers tend to empathize more with the character and so to win the TRP race, creatives have to resort to the emotional angle.

No place for grey shades: We get to see only black or white characters but not someone with grey shades. In reality any character will have shades of grey. It’s also amusing to watch how the protagonists’ characters are etched out. They are ultra white in all aspects whereas all the weird expressions and scheming self-talk is a key trait of the ‘black’ characters.
No blinking of eyes during eye locks: The eye locks remind me of my childhood when we used to play this game with friends as to who will blink eyes first when we looked into their eyes. But the lead characters of our shows are sure shot winners as their eyes don’t blink till the signature background score/title song has played.
Cindrellas find Prince Charmings: More often than not, the story is about a middle class girl finding a suitable/forced match in a multi millionaire. From here it’s bye bye to the heroine’s struggles (many a times this is the main plot of the story though) and the story takes a glamorous turn where we get to see sprawling bungalows, ladies wearing loud makeup and heavily embroidered sarees.

Misunderstandings (MUs) take ages to clear: The protagonists never have heart to heart conversations to clear the MUs and the twist continues to be stretched like a chewing gum. That inspires me to rewrite the famous dialog as “MUs ko mitana mushkil hi nahi namumkin hai”.


CONsummation cons the viewers: Last but not the least, is the consummation. If marriages take ages to be solemnized, consummation takes eons. That is something which is kept reserved for a later date and procrastination is always justified well in the story.

I think the list can go on and on but I consider to pause at this point. Feel free to add more on the list and enjoy watching your favourite shows.

Shwetha Singh 


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