Sunday Search: Good old Weeklies
Year 2002. Tenth board exams and a negotiation. I will study all day but you must let me watch these shows. That I was a TV buff, had been established by then but the marks had to be good as well. 
This was the condition I had placed before my strict mother because those were the days when weeklies still were a regular part of Television Fiction Programming. The week long anticipation and the extremely engaging narrative made these shows way more desirable. Today we have episodes of all shows available online but no matter where I hunted all over the Internet I could never really catch hold of these shows ever again. So down the memory lane we go.

Mondays : 9:00 PM
Des Main Nikla Hoga Chand: Pammi and Dev’s passionate love story was forbidden for this teenager. But the portrayal of leads in this Aruna Irani production by Sangeeta Ghosh and Varuna Badola did set the tone for intense and heart skips a beat storytelling.
Tuesday : 9:00 PM
A story that began as a simple fresh tale of a happy family and the lead Protagonist Karishma and her love for her friend Dhruv soon turned into an unbearable revenge drama and the lead of the show also was replaced. With time Tuesdays were written off the chart but the show had a fairly long run for a weekly.
Wednesdays 9:00 PM:
A hospital, young doctors, love interspersed with medicine and lots of freshness. This medical drama paved way for two subsequent sequels against the same backdrop. But the first one remains a favourite. There were episodes I missed during my boards and I will never ever get to see them again.

Thursday: 9:00 PM
Set in an airforce base this drama had various elements. Friendship, professional rivalry, betrayal, patriotism and most importantly a relatable storyline between squadron leaders Monica and Vikram. 

These shows aired on StarPlus but we don’t have acess to them on Disney+ Hotstar. How we wish we could watch these shows all over again.

What are the shows you miss from your childhood. Tell us. Also if you do know where we can watch these shows do let us know. Old fans who have recorded or saved episodes or some place our eyes haven’t fallen on. Or what if someone out there is already reading our mind and those episodes are on their way to be uploaded on some platform?

Reminisce this Sunday shows from our flashback for nothing like good content on a lazy day. 


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