Natasha Kathi Chandra Covers Rise up by Andra Day
Natasha Kathi Chandra is an UK Based Playwright and Director of Indian Origin. She directed her first play in India at the age of 17 and went on to get her Film Studies degree from Queen Mary University of London. Natasha has to her credit plays like An Adaptations of the Lion King Broadway, Alexander-The Rising, Les Miserables, Checkmate, The Crucibles that she wrote and directed during her stint in India. She was way ahead of her times in terms of providing consistent content in the theatre space when plays were watched and enjoyed only by a select few. In a way you can call her a trendsetter in terms for giving amateur and professional theatre more visibility and accessibility. 

 While a chat with Natasha is pending for another day did you know Natasha is an Alumnus of Keys Western Music Academy Hyderabad ? Keys Western is situated in Jubilee Hills Hyderabad and is one of the first western classical music Academies in Hyderabad.
The founder Hema Gulati, doesn’t outsource, and teaches various instruments like Piano, flute, drums, Keyboard and also vocals. The students from this academy have performed at various events and they come out with flying colours in the annual test.
So if you are in Hyderabad and want to learn music this is the place you should be going to. 

On World Music Day Natasha Kathi Chandra pays a tribute to her Guru Hema Gulati and the academy where she learnt it all by singing a cover for Rise up by Andra Day.

What do you think of this cover by Natasha Kathi Chandra ? Do let us know. Would you like to work with her ? She will be in India soon. If you would like to audition for her plays stay tuned! 


  1. Good article.Thank you.You can learn guitar also at Keys Western Music Academy.
    Natasha is a true artist who can bring out the best in others .The Performing Arts is not being given much importance by some leaders of the world.In this current situation world over what better way to relax, refresh and learn from qualified and skilled people like Natasha.


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