Light, Camera, Precaution!
It is a time of mixed emotions for the TV Land as they resume shoots. Television shows have become an integral part of most of our lives. With the OTT platforms coming into the picture we now have access to all our favourite shows throughout the day. 
The global pandemic COVID 19 took the world by storm early this year and saw its first traces in India around January in select pockets.
No one would have anticipated the havoc it was to create to our day to day lives. Television shows were no different. A new term came to exist in our everyday dictionary “social distancing” which meant every person was to atleast keep a safe two meter space between two persons for safety. How was that possible on a TV set ?
While some shows did manage to deliver content thanks to the already shot episode bank there were others that were shooting almost cut to cut. 
And then came the national lock down and everyone was asked to stay at home. 
The pandemic disrupted so many lives. Daily wage earners suddenly had no money coming in. The ever enthusiastic industry decided to tackle it in its own way. Some top Bollywood actors came out with a video that showcased how every actor did their but staying within the four walls of their homes. They promised the proceeds from the video would go to the technical work force that had suddenly no work.

Even our Telugu industry came up with an interesting short that featured S.P. Balasubramanian Garu.

 Subsequently more such films were made, songs were sung so that people would stay motivated. Why would the Television industry lag behind they did their bit too. Infact during this time many artists kept their viewers entertained either by constantly updating them through their social media handles or by making engaging short films.
It was a hard time for actors as many actors came out in the open and spoke about their dues not being cleared.
There were some suicides as well owing to the pressure that could no longer be sustained.
Let’s say this year 2020 has been the year of a lifetime. The lock down has now been lifted despite the growing number of cases in the country. The economy of the country needs to run and every sector has its role to play. Producers who have erected huge sets and have large amount of finances at stake need to get the wheel moving. As a respite shoots have been granted permission albeit new rules. The sets will have to sanitised as far as possible. Most actors are also shooting from their homes. If a shoot requires a shift in location the actors will have to adhere to quarantining themselves. Unfortunately some shows couldn’t make it past the lock down. Fans shall miss some of their favourite shows getting a closure. Children will not be allowed on the sets so storyline’s will also have to be tweaked accordingly. The limit on the number of people on the sets also will call for alteration of storyline’s.
After a the much needed break that most actors got where they could spend time with their families, the actors, technicians and producers are now gearing up to return to their second homes. But this time, before you say action keep in mind, it’s Lights, Camera, Precaution! 
There have been some replacements as well and we can say people are all geared up for an all new version of TV viewing. It surely will take time to get used to the new normal. But what is life is change isn’t the only constant ?
During this break which shows did you miss the most ? Do tell us. 


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