Kunal Karan Kapoor answering fan questions

Hands down the interviews we did on the sets on the Sets of Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kich Kaha were one of the most fun interviews we did during our stint. Let’s call it Rangmunch 1.0. 
It was not just the leads of the show but everyone involved in the show that received us with all the love and warmth that made the experience fun.
On a personal note : I didn’t know a fun fact. My husband (Harsha) apparently was on the sets of the show with his friend Akhlaque Khan every now and then and we never ever saw each other. How strange is destiny! When we met for the first time, you will not believe, OMG! You were there ? I was there too was a freaky part of one of our conversations.
Coming back to what this throwback post is all about. The main lead of the show Kunal Karan Kapoor who most fans can’t wait to see on screen soon, always ensured our segments with him had a personal touch. The fans of the show and the regular viewers of Rangmunch have had a huge role to play in this.
As we bring you this largely watched video we take you back to those days until we bring you something new very soon. Long after the show ended the fans still message us asking us for interviews. We hope to bring that to you soon. 


  1. The interviews you did with Kunalji was all fun and I love them. His fans now are fan of him and his work. We love him for who he is....Kunal Karan Kapoor. Looking forward to your interview with him and hoping that the interview will be around all his work and I especially would love him to talk about Mohit Naik Raikar and would also like to know more about his character Krishna. I would love him to talk about everything, from acting, editing and photography. Some throwback memory of NBT will be great too but not only NBT please.


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