Aditi Chopra-I Me Myself

                                                         I , Me and Myself:  Aditi  Chopra

RM: Whats the one thing you are grateful for in life ? ?

Aditi: Hmmm.. My cute looks ( blushes)

RM:Whats the one thing missing from your life? 

Aditi: My  elder sister, who’s no more. Of course , I miss her the most .

RM:What according to you is your greatest asset ?

Aditi: My  eyes.

RM:Beauty or Brains?

Aditi: Brains.

RM:What do you need to change about yourself?

Aditi: Nothing yaar. I’m really happy with what I am.I really need to grow in life , but nothing as such I wanna change.

RM: Which is the one character you would love to play ?

Aditi: Hmm.. Madhuri in Hum Aapke Hai Kaun.

RM: What about that character do you like the most ?

Aditi:( laughs, and says ) Salman.I love him. I don’t mind even if he adopts me .( goes on laughing) .I just love him.

RM: Are you adventurous by nature.?

Aditi: Ya, …sort of… well not exactly.I get scared very soon.

RM: One prank you regret playing ?

Aditi: To play with any one’s feelings . To say you are in love with him , I mean people now days do play such kind of pranks, that sort of things.

RM: Do you read the newspaper ?

Aditi: Of course  I do.I cannot move out of my house without Mumbai Mirror.

RM: Which section do you read first ?

Aditi: YOU .It’s  called You 

RM:What are you proud of ?

Aditi: Hmm. I’m proud of my … of course my life  yaar ( laughs on)

RM: Who has made the greatest impact on your life ?

Aditi: My sister and my mom.

RM: Do you forgive yourself easily ?

Aditi: No, if I’m wrong in anyway, I would never ever forgive myself, and for next 2-3 days I act like Tulsi and Parvati .( such a hearty laugh to such an answer )

RM: Describe yourself in one sentence?

Aditi: Hmm…I’m an extremist. Only one word .

RM: If you had to change your name for a day , what name would you give yourself ?

Aditi: I would call myself  Khushi.

RM: Why Khushi ?

Aditi: Because , I’m always happy, and make people happy.

RM: Are you very  superstitious.

Aditi: No , I do not.I believe only what I like  or else I care a damn.

RM: What do you miss about Geet? You actually haven’t been seen on screen too much.

Aditi: Ya, Its been a while..Actually today Morning only I got a call from Drashti, saying “Hey, baby , whats up , where are you “ I was like , ya I’m just sleepy , just got up. Of course I miss my whole unit, Geet, Guru bhai, Praneet of course, Anju ji –how can I forget her?

As told to Niharika Vidya Sagar and Swati Ghosh


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