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Sunday Search: Good old Weeklies

Year 2002. Tenth board exams and a negotiation. I will study all day but you must let me watch these shows. That I was a TV buff, had been established by then but the marks had to be good as well.  This was the condition I had placed before my strict mother because those were the days when weeklies still were a regular part of Television Fiction Programming. The week long anticipation and the extremely engaging narrative made these shows way more desirable. Today we have episodes of all shows available online but no matter where I hunted all over the Internet I could never really catch hold of these shows ever again. So down the memory lane we go. Mondays : 9:00 PM Des Main Nikla Hoga Chand: Pammi and Dev’s passionate love story was forbidden for this teenager. But the portrayal of leads in this Aruna Irani production by Sangeeta Ghosh and Varuna Badola did set the tone for intense and heart skips a beat storytelling.  Tuesday : 9:00 PM A story that began as a simple fresh tale of a ha

Sakshi Tanwar Interview: Bade Ache Lagte Hai (Old Interview)

Paarvati or Priya? It’s Saakshi Tanwar Coming from a conservative family and being bright in studies, she wanted to become an IAS officer but destiny had something different in store. She landed in tellydom to become one of the most successful actresses in the history of Indian soap operas. Meet Saakshi Tanwar, who ruled the world of kitschy saris and screechy dialogues for the longest time as ‘Paarvati’ in Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki . Although she acted prominently in a number of other TV series – including Ehsaas , Dastoor , Bhanwar and X-Zone – it was her role of telly-world’s favourite ‘Paarvati bhabhi’ that brought her at par with any Bollywood star. Interestingly, she also featured in some movies but failed to deliver. Saakshi, at present, is getting rave reviews for her performances in Bade Achche Lagte Hain on Sony. On her recent trip to Delhi for the launch of city’s first Wagh Bakri Tea Lounge, Saakshi revealed all about her success stories. Excerpts: How do you rate your success

Gufi Paintal Interview

You have played the character of Shakuni for the longest period of time, first in ‘Mahabharat’ and now in ‘Dwarakadheesh’. How would you explain the psyche of Shakuni? Shakuni’s psyche was simple. He thought that the marriage of his sister was unlawful and very much one sided. He was very upset with why his sister was not getting her rightful place in Dhritarashtra’s life. That’s the time he took an oath to destroy the kingdom and all the princes associated with it. He may have been a pure hearted guy before all this but seeing his sister’s condition, he became a person filled with poison and wanted to avenge the wrong doing . So Shakuni was a man of vision who saw to it that all his intentions came through? Yes, because he was a very shrewd politician of his kind. On the fundamental side was Shakuni and on the positive side was Krishna. The fight was between these two politicians. Why did you choose to come back on the small screen with a mythological show considering there is so much

Light, Camera, Precaution!

It is a time of mixed emotions for the TV Land as they resume shoots. Television shows have become an integral part of most of our lives. With the OTT platforms coming into the picture we now have access to all our favourite shows throughout the day.  The global pandemic COVID 19 took the world by storm early this year and saw its first traces in India around January in select pockets. No one would have anticipated the havoc it was to create to our day to day lives. Television shows were no different. A new term came to exist in our everyday dictionary “social distancing” which meant every person was to atleast keep a safe two meter space between two persons for safety. How was that possible on a TV set ? While some shows did manage to deliver content thanks to the already shot episode bank there were others that were shooting almost cut to cut.  And then came the national lock down and everyone was asked to stay at home.  The pandemic disrupted so many lives. Daily wage earners sudden

Natasha Kathi Chandra Covers Rise up by Andra Day

Natasha Kathi Chandra is an UK Based Playwright and Director of Indian Origin. She directed her first play in India at the age of 17 and went on to get her Film Studies degree from Queen Mary University of London. Natasha has to her credit plays like An Adaptations of the Lion King Broadway, Alexander-The Rising, Les Miserables, Checkmate, The Crucibles that she wrote and directed during her stint in India. She was way ahead of her times in terms of providing consistent content in the theatre space when plays were watched and enjoyed only by a select few. In a way you can call her a trendsetter in terms for giving amateur and professional theatre more visibility and accessibility.   While a chat with Natasha is pending for another day did you know Natasha is an Alumnus of Keys Western Music Academy Hyderabad ?  Keys Western is situated in Jubilee Hills Hyderabad and is one of the first western classical music Academies in Hyderabad.  The founder Hema Gulati, doesn’t outsource, and teac

Catching Up with Roopal Tyagi: Rangmunch2.0

Television Actress Roopal Tyagi has always spoken her mind and she is one person who follows her heart. Stuck in Bangalore her home town with just four pairs of clothes she tells us she is happy and content as she is home . As we caught up with her to do a video interview with her it seemed like we have known her forever. She put us at total ease and also spoke at length about how she has evolved as a person over the years and what she has learnt from the Quarantine.  Do watch this segment and tell us what you think !

The Writers Bloc: Anshuman Sinha

Q&A on Saubhagyawati Bhava The irony of the story lies in the title itself-whose suggestion was it and how did you go about conceiving this story?  When the show started a lot of names were under discussion, including the name of two central leads. But after the channel’s vision was locked, the picture and the pitch became clearer. It was suggesting the irony in everyone’s lives, how we always crave and crib for things we don’t have, and do not cherish what we have. If we stop cribbing, and just look at our life, we will find that our life is more than OK. I remember a poem that Lyricist Munna Dhiman wrote, which meant, “waiting for one bigger pleasure we stop cherishing many little pleasures that life offers to us; it’s the small quota of pleasures that makes a life worthwhile, not the big ones, so we should stop using ‘ bahi-khataas ’ and stop being munims ”… So as a whole team this title was finalized, which projected the irony of this drama, hinting at the irony we force oursel

Video: Mohit Raina Unplugged

It wouldn't be an understatement if we said Mohit Raina has immortalised the portrayal of Lord Shiva on screen. Him stature and his well build personality made him perfect for the role. While this very fascination took us to the sets of Devon ke Dev Mahadev, we were even more impressed and enamoured by the personality of the actor. If you haven't watched this video yet we are posting the link right here so that it will refresh your memories of the show. During these unpredictable and turbulent times, a re-watch of the show will surely act as a calming force and we would like to know what you felt after watching the video or have managed to start watching the show all over again.

TV Shows- A Funny Take

Before I begin, I must say that I am going to list some amusing things that are rampant in the daily soaps these days. This is just a funny take and I have no intentions of offending the ardent fans of any shows/actors. I am not a veteran as far as the experience of watching soaps is concerned and this is an amateurish attempt of sharing a few of my quick observations and random thoughts about our daily soaps. Hope you will enjoy reading it. Don’t just overhear conversations dude! The hero is generally not seen worrying about his office/business and is seen more at home. Come on dude, there’s life beyond overhearing conversations and then doing the right thing to bail the heroine out of the situation. To fund your hearth, home and the kitchen politics, you need to focus on your work.   ‘Chunri sambhal gori’: No wonder, heroines don’t don western avatar in our soaps. If they did, the creatives will be deprived of the cinematic liberties that they enjoy by showing the dupatta stuck up