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A tribute to Waseem Sabir!

I was at my dinner table, when my phone blinked. Ignoring it I went back to start eating, when my father-in-law urged me to go ahead and look at it since he had perhaps read something that needed my immediate attention. It was a message from an old colleague and the contents sent chills down my spine. "Waseem has passed away" read the message. I pushed my plate away and got up and walked out of the house. Calling the same friend for confirmation and details only made me go weaker in my knees. This couldn't be happening. The new year couldn't be starting this way. Suddenly all the objective believes you carry seem to fade away when a person you just saw, heard or took for granted until then, ceases to exist. Waseem Sabir is an Indian Television Director. He has delivered hit shows like Veera, Ganga, and Tamanna in the recent past. Ever since the start of his career the graph has only seen an upward trend due to his sheer hard-work, commitment and dedication