The Epic Moment when Time Stood Still in Na Bole Tum!

“Haath Chootey bhi toh rishtey nahin chhota kartey
Waqt ke shaakh se lamhe nahi toda karte” ~ (Album Marasim)

Its really difficult to comprehend and describe certain relationships around you, because they are beyond words. Last night’s episode of Na Bole Tum was an emotional journey not only for Mohan and Navika, but also for me. I for one, have been looking forward to this confrontation ever since Mohan had joined Awaaz India. The build up to this moment was done so beautifully that it was worth the wait. Kudos to the entire team!

Mohan Bhatnagar jab kisi ke peeche padh jata hai, toh padh jata hai. He did hear the word “Spiderman” and in no way was he ready to take Navika’s response at face value. Hence, like a true journalist he decides to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth and tactfully uses project ‘Talaash’ to his advantage. The very sight of Addu triggers Nanhi’s angst and she lashes out at Mohan, making him realise that she is none other than his very own “Chawaani”. 

The minute realisation struck him, Mohan’s happiness knew no bounds. And then came those golden words, jise sunne ke liya hamare aur Nanhi ke kaan taras gaye the.... “Ae Chawanni .....Sunn na”  **sigh**

The very thought of meeting his Chawaani after twelve long years had infused new life in Mohan; his face lit up instantly with a twinkle in his eyes. Spiderman’s words breathed life into Nanhi too and she could not help but smile. But her moment of joy was short-lived. Her smile soon withers away at the thought of Addu going missing, and she becomes bitter towards Mohan yet again.

On the other hand, an overwhelmed Mohan imagines his little Chawanni, walking towards him as he spreads his arms wide open to embrace her. The yearning and eagerness on Mohan’s face had me in tears and took me down the memory lane. I remembered Mohan and Nanhi’s very first encounter at the Prabhat Lehar office; the moment that hooked me on to the show and the relationship that went on to become iconic on Indian Television.....that of “Chawaani and her Spiderman”. With Nanhi by his side, Mohan can fight the world but without her he feels like a lost cause. 

My heart skipped a beat at the sight of little Nanhi. Awww!!! I am glad that makers brought Ashnoor back in that scene as it added a whole new meaning to it and left me speechless. Ashnoor Kaur, you will always be remembered as Mohan’s "Chawanni".
The moment where Mohan goes down on his knees, uss pal ussey dekh kar aisa laga jaise kisi pyasa ko paani mil gaya ho, maar raha insaan ko zindagi mil gayi ho, ek bhatke huye musafir ko manzil mil gayi ho. And when he hugs Nanhi, I wish that time could freeze in that moment and nothing and no one could rip them apart ever again.  His restless soul was happy to find solace in her arms. Mohan was at his vulnerable best, and all he wanted to hear at that point in time were words of acceptance and assurance; all he wanted to see was unconditional love and trust in him, from the one who means the world to him, his “Chawanni”....“Bas ek baar keh de ke sab theek ho jayega...bas ek baar.” But Mohan’s happiness was nothing but a mere illusion. 

“Nafart hai mujhe aapse, itni jitni maine kisi se nahi ki”...Nanhi’s words were like a sharp dagger. They wounded his heart, leaving Mohan feeling dejected and shattered yet again. Her allegations and Mohan’s helplessness brought back flashes from the past. History repeated itself after 12 years, leaving all of us with a heavy heart and a hope that someday Nanhi will realise that “a half truth is much more dangerous than a whole lie.” 

As much as my heart aches for Mohan, I equally feel sorry for Nanhi because I know she loves and misses her Spiderman and the day she gets to know the entire truth she will be miserable.  

Last night’s episode by far has been the best with superlative performances by Kunal Karan Kapoor and Ashnoor Kaur. Take a bow!!! With no words but only expressions, you both light up every frame with your mere presence and create magic on screen. Jab bhi ek saath aate ho, dil ko badi sukun de jaate ho. For me you both define the relationship of "Chawanni and Spiderman".

Having said that, Jayashree Venkatraman was outstanding in portraying the gamut of emotions that Nanhi felt during her confrontation with her Spiderman.

As far as Beera goes there is more to his character than what meets the eye and I am not very convinced with his positive portrayal. After all Navika did betray his trust and he is not someone who forgives people easily. 

Finally the precap suggests the entry of the much awaited character “Munna”. While there is lot that has already been written about him, I would like to see how his character unfolds and how his entry impacts the lives of Mohan, Nanhi and Megha.

So tune in tonight at 9.30pm to see the drama unfold on Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha only on Colors.

Written by: Swati Ghosh


  1. Superb write up doing justice to that epic scene. Time did stand still for all of us who lived the Spiderman-Chavanni relationship in SSN1. And what to say about Kunal and Ashnoor? Their magic is just beyond words. What a treat for the viewers yesterday!

  2. Awesome Swats...Loved the write up...

  3. Awesome brought tears to my eyes reading. Yesterday was one hell of an episode, will go down history as an epic moment of the show. Thanks for the lovely article. Nothing more can be add about Mohan Kunal Chavanni and Ashnoor.

  4. Outstanding day of NBTNMKK, I cried...............

  5. Very very well written article,,,
    Yes... It was an epic moment in Na Bole Tum...
    Kunal as Mohan was Flawless and Brilliant in each & every frame....he expressed pain,love,hapiness,desperation to get back his chavanni's love with absolute brilliance....his scenes with Ashnoor seemed to be so real...they actually miss each other.... the Best child artist I've ever come across....she's so natural...

    I agree with Navika..and also feel her pain...but as u quoted....."“a half truth is much more dangerous than a whole lie.” ..... I'm desperately waiting for this moment.

    Yesterday's entire episode is Brilliant....Great job done by the Entire team of Na Bole Tum...
    This the reason, why we're so very obsessed with the show....
    It's Unique...

  6. Nice write up swati.....................i was lacking with words but u wrote all the things whic my heart felt but cudn't write ..................................................hatsoff to u ...........................and KKK and Ashnoor were out of the world

  7. update the timing yaar its at 9.30

  8. Awesume :-) swati di :-) just lovd it , ur article and the episode too

  9. Greatly Written Swati ji...u r great....the whole episode was so so so touching that ek mint k liye b aisa nhi lga that we r watching a show...n its fiction...KUnal n Ashnoor r out of this world wen they r together ...n i love them aloooottttt.....thnk u so much for this article....

  10. Kunal and Ashnoor will always be "Spiderman and Chawaani" in our hearts! Love them. And the moment indeed was truly EPIC! Ashnoor is a truly gifted child and Kunal is THE BEST actor n TV. Period!

    And Swati - Kunal was not just outstanding in his scene with little Nanhi i.e. our darling Ashnoor. He was phenomenal thru out. When grown up Navika was lashing out at Mohan, KKK did not have any dialogues at all - yet his expressions alone were phenomenal and made us cry.

  11. kunal u r sooooooooo gus .i realy like ur acting

  12. The Prince Of Tellywood
    The King Of Expression
    The Real Human Being
    He is kunal karan kapoor.
    It's is one of the great compliment for him when majority of his fans says
    "I didn't experience such a actor in Tv"
    Selection of words become difficult whenever I want to Write some thing about him.

  13. Beautifully written for an equally beautiful scene. The scene was much awaited and its execution made all this wait worthwhile. It was a perfect Na bole tum moment the way choti nanhi and Mohan communicated with each other without a word. Those expression which narrate the unsung saga of chawanni and spiderman relationship were priceless. It so rightly express the hope, the desperation for something so precious and trying to hold onto it by both Kunal and Ashnoor that the scene almost became magical.The actors outdid themselves yesterday or should I say brought out the best in each other!
    Navika is justified with all her anger coz her spidy left her at a moment when she needed him the most and since then she is trying to come to terms with it but alas she has not. Jayshree did full justice to her role too. Still in awe of that scene

  14. no words for yesterday's performance... i am watching it again and again

  15. nice write up di :)

    seriouslyy KKK n ASHNOOR wre at dre bst!!
    dose unspoken words cud be flt by dre actin !!!


  16. Excellent write up swathi...u spoke out my heart.cant describe little nanni and her spiderman in words...they r juz magical..i felt not nanni and spiderman, but asnoor and kunal missed eachother that much...mohnas expresions said it all, his eagerness to get his chavanni in his arms...and nanni, i felt asnoor shud hav given a few dilogues and that illusion lasted for few more minutes...

  17. The Heart and Soul of the show is kunal... his portrayal of mohan's inner turmoil and pain from the rejection from his nanhi's part was just fantastic... yes,, we miss ashnoor,, the little princess.. for a second felt that kunal and mohan is the same when he saw his chavanni,,his litl angel ashnoor .... i think kunal misses ashnoor equally as mohan misses his chavanni... their onscreen chemistry n offscreen masti... the best episode of season 2,, kunal wt to say Man,,,, yu r a living legend.... may God bless you to continue the same n May God bless us too to watch yu lyk dis,...

  18. kkk is THE BEST

  19. Excellent article. Whatever we were feeling at that moment, you wrote exactly that. Kudos to you. The moment Ashnoor came on screen, mixed feelings came up, of happiness and sadness. The scene was really touching. No one can match up to the bond Kunal and Ashnoor shares.

  20. Very well written and explained the painful emotions of Mohan and chawanni....KKK u r the the BEST..........OMG..everytime we watch u draw us more on to you...

  21. Heart Touching scene Between Ashnoor & Kunal.

  22. Word to word with you.
    This was an epic episode Kunal and Ashnoor are magical together and they have given meaning and life to spiderman and chawanni relationship.
    Na Bole Tum Season 2 is becoming more intense and very interesting day by day. Kunals acting is the biggest strength. I need new words ..., something above superlative degree as Kunal improves his already perfect acting higher and higher.
    Thanks for his wonderful write up on an epic episode.

  23. Excellent article.. as usual Swatiji..u said it all. it was the best scene of NBt2 for words to praise these extremely talented actors..KKK n Ashnoor..Thanks RM :))

  24. very beautiful indeed... i have been a "Chawanni" in my dearest best friend's life... and then his megha too... coincidentally he looks like mohan bhatnagar and even talks like him... so big thank you to Ms. Chawanni for bringing the memories back a d make me smile...


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