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The Epic Moment when Time Stood Still in Na Bole Tum!

“Haath Chootey bhi toh rishtey nahin chhota kartey Waqt ke shaakh se lamhe nahi toda karte” ~ (Album Marasim) Its really difficult to comprehend and describe certain relationships around you, because they are beyond words. Last night’s episode of Na Bole Tum was an emotional journey not only for Mohan and Navika, but also for me. I for one, have been looking forward to this confrontation ever since Mohan had joined Awaaz India. The build up to this moment was done so beautifully that it was worth the wait. Kudos to the entire team! Mohan Bhatnagar jab kisi ke peeche padh jata hai, toh padh jata hai. He did hear the word “Spiderman” and in no way was he ready to take Navika’s response at face value. Hence, like a true journalist he decides to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth and tactfully uses project ‘Talaash’ to his advantage. The very sight of Addu triggers Nanhi’s angst and she lashes out at Mohan, making him realise that she is none other than his ve