Revenge and Revenge – Both sides of the same coin!

 Can a leopard change his spots? A definitive “No” is what everyone who knows the meaning behind the proverb would say. A leopard, a majestic beast, with its black spots is identified by these markings which makes each of them unique. This is their characteristic trait and nothing would change their natural instincts.

Why am I talking about leopards and their spots today? To draw a parallel to the one man who is the personification of innate traits without any change.  As a viewer, I have always felt that Jagya would never change. The deep set character streaks of a selfish man would never allow him to accept his faults and move forward. They will always seek to play the blame game. Jagya who tried to redeem himself with Anandi, in his infinite wisdom has decided to blame the one woman whom he had crucified and hurt throughout his sorry life. With none being her fault, once again she plays the starring role as the vindictive one.

I never truly believed that a man could change his deeper instincts and I am glad that I was right! After trying to seek forgiveness from Anandi and receiving none, Jagya has once again shrouded himself with the darker traits that define his character. Rather than analyzing his faults, all he sees is that Anandi is happy and his family supports her. His thought process is disjointed such that he has finally come to the conclusion that Anandi is to be blamed for all his misfortunes. He has conveniently forgotten the past, were it was at his hands that the lines of fate were drawn for the death of all his relationships.

Jagat has decided that Anandi is the one who is responsible for the elders in his family not giving him a pardon. It is also not acceptable to him that she has moved ahead in life. This is quiet strange when he was the one who quintessentially told her to throw away the shackles of the past like him and move on when he was happy with Gauri.

How can someone forgive a person who had shattered the beautiful and quaint dreams of a girl who worshipped him? No one can expect forgiveness just by asking for it. This seems to have not registered in Jagat’s mind. You ask and receive forgiveness by showing the people you have hurt that you have changed. But then this is Jagya! He wants a pardon and when he does not receive it he decides to take revenge.

His mode of revenge is to drive a wedge between the fledgling relationship of Shiv and Anadi. Anandi has just slowly started to confide in Shiv. Her emotional wounds are so deep that she finally breaks down in front of Shiv and tells him that she can never forgive Jagya for the emotional wringer he has put her through. I am so happy that she never forgave him. She is not a Mahatma after all. She is a human being with deep emotions that have gone through untold turmoil and sadness. In fact, it is downright difficult for normal human beings to forgive even half of what she has gone through.

A selfish liar can go to any lengths to get his revenge but how far he will go is yet to be seen. In all this, once again he is using the love of Dadisa for his own selfish purposes. Will it be Dadisa or will it be Bhairov who will bring about the final change in Jagat Or is it again left up to Anandi to change him!

Her commendable actions of letting her nayya sasural know about her past and specifically about her first husband is definitely a brave and admirable thing. Her character trait and her innate goodness will never allow her to hide the fact that Jagya is in town. This is the Anandi that I admire! 

As a viewer, I am not sure if I can relate to Anandi if she takes up the baton to change Jagya yet again. She tried and failed on many occasions. She gave him every chance to change himself on so many levels but failed miserably. What Anandi should have realized by now is that “Leopards do not change their spots”. 
Written by: Shreeya Gupta


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