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Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 14)

So this is it as they say the last chapter. If you have enjoyed do let me know. Love to read your comments! Chapter 14 The palace was a lonely soulless place he thought as he wandered from room to room without Persephone. Amar Singh and Choti Raani had packed up and left to live in the Delhi apartments. Samir noticed that they had taken whatever valuables they could with them including a lot of the furniture but he couldn’t work up enough anger to bother about getting it back. Even Bahadhur Singh was not there to break the silence, telling him on the phone that he had gone off to see a relative in the UK who needed him. Bahadhur Singh had tried to persuade him to contact Persephone again, pleading with him to at least call her, but he had assured him that Persephone would be better off without him. “She will find someone Bahadhur Singh and be happier with him then me in the long term.” he had told him firmly. Bahadhur Singh had rung off with a sigh and Samir