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Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 13)

Hello folks I hope you are enjoying Samir and Persephone's story? Do comment and let me know what you like and what you don't! Love to read them. Chapter 13 2 Months Later. Amar Singh sat in the dark. The moonlight flooding in from the window illuminated his dark worried features. Ghosts of the past spoke through walls in the eerie darkness, their anguished voices merging with the cold breeze that flowed through the corridors, casting a distinct chill in the atmosphere. He welcomed their eerie whispers; he had grown accustomed to those voices a long time ago. People like him who conspired behind closed doors had no other choice but to befriend them. “It was close this time. Samir's team had nearly closed in on him. I am tired of all this constant worrying!” Choti Raani declared walking in to the room, her heels making a loud clacking sound in the quietness, she rubbed her arms in an effort to warm up her body, but no amount of heat warmed her up

Jane's Corner: The Jewel of the Maharajah's Eye (Chapter 12)

Chapter 12 *Warning: Mild peppering of adult content at the end of the chapter. You have been duly warned if you do not wish to read* Persephone woke with what felt like a hangover, her head was spinning, she looked bleary eyed around the room. “Good, you are awake.” said a voice. Persephone looked to see the doctor who had attended to her previously just walk into the room. “How are you feeling Persephone?” She asked. Samir followed closely behind her. “Err I am fine. Just feel like I have a hangover for some reason?” Frowning at herself she asked, “I am sure I didn’t have anything to drink yesterday?” Why couldn’t she remember what she had been doing last night? “No Persephone, you didn’t have anything to drink, you were drugged.” said Samir quietly. Drugged! Persephone sat up in shock, thinking back, she had been here, then gone out to take some pictures, seen Toofan. She murmured , “I was with Toofan...then I was with your brother,” and then her tho

Fan Story: "Bakwaas Times" by Shamil!

The Rise and Fall of a Star!! ( Disclaimer: Spoof is a humorous imitation of something and is meant to be taken in the spirit it is intended…..humorously with a pinch of salt or tons of sugar if you will or with a plate of Chole and Bhature in this case. This content is unfortunately not owned by Rangmunch, which is nothing but a humble tongue-in-cheek salute to the popularity of the show and is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. Read on, roll on with laughter and move on with a smile on your face.) JS -  "As per the latest buzz, there is someone in the NBT team who is extremely upset  with the way things have happened with her. We are talking about Ms. Rumaali ,  the hanky who plays an important role in the popular show ‘Na Bathure Tum Na  Chole Humse Bana gaya’. Aaiye sunte hai rumaali ki kahaani unki zubaani." R -  "I am very very upset with the PH. When I signed the contract, they clearly told me  that I will be playing the p