Fan Story: "BAKWAS TIMES" by Shamil !!

(Disclaimer: Spoof is a humorous imitation of something and is meant to be taken in the spirit it is intended…..humorously with a pinch of salt or tons of sugar if you will or with a plate of Chole and Bhature in this case. This content is unfortunately not owned by Rangmunch, which is nothing but a humble tongue-in-cheek salute to the popularity of the show and is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. Read on, roll on with laughter and move on with a smile on your face.)

‘Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana Gaya‘  is an unusual love story of Monu and Meenu who started off challenging each other to make chole and batura but end up falling in love with each other!

In the last episode , we saw how Meenu rejects Monu’s proposal to wear his mangal sutra and then breaks down and pats herself for being a ‘himmatwali’ to sacrifice  her love. Most of the fans were seen crying along with her while a few heartless ones were seen demanding to know how and when did she start loving him.

Meanwhile we hear that Bindu, monu’s momma has decided to find a ladki for her handsome son and we hear that some of his fans too are ready to line up for the race.       

“Well, I would say why he doesn’t find someone among his fans?” giggles Miss Titli. “I wouldn’t mind being the girl in his life. Actually mein kabse tayyaar hoon.”

Our khabri tells us that the creative team is now actually thinking of introducing a new character in the show. We have an inside scoop for our readers that a very beautiful lady has offered to be monu’s girlfriend, if the CVs approach her to take up the role. It is none other than Miss Taki Rawant!

JS- "Miss Takhi, so what makes u think that u r perfect for the role?”

TR- “I have been watching this show for a while now; and I find monu very ‘same to same’ like me; very adventurous, bindaas and outspoken! Oh Jeejjus! Did u see how he tackled the drug dealers? The way he runs and dives while those goons shoot? Do goli bhi khaayi & was fine with in a week! I love stronggg men!”

JS- “But monu is a seedha saada insaan. Just like a baccha.”

TR- “What do u mean JS? Am I a buddi? I celebrated my 18 birthday only last month! I know very well how to take care of bachhas like him. Just sing to him some nice lullabies like munni badnaam hui or Sheila ki jawani ‘ and he will never leave his momma err I mean me!”

JS- “Monu is a flawed character u know.He is not like ur stereotype hero. The guy always leaves his shoe laces untied and shirt unbuttoned u know.”

TR- *pouts* “Toh iss mein kaunsi badi baat hain. Even I don’t button my shirt yaar! Mujhe sab khule khule pasand hain. Shoes laces khuli rahegi toh baar baar mere pe ghir sakta hain. Phir toh eye-lock hi eye-lock hogi. Oh Jeejjus I wud love that!"

JS- “But how do you think its gonna help the show?”

TR- “Dekho mishter JS. This is Takhi Rawant! The TRP queen. Mujhe lene ki matlab hain high TRP.Waise bhi, uss meenu rani  se kuch nahin hone wali. She is always running away from monu darling.Then how can u show romantic scenes???.Agar mein rahoongi toh, show mein aag laga degi! They can plan hawt sequences like showers, trip n fall, item numbers and I am ready to do a better suhaag raat sequence than the one Golu & Pippi did in Bade Kachhe Hain! The show will definitely get more male fans too."

JS hopes Jappu Dappu, the director- writer duo of NBT are listening.

So fans out there, keep watching your favourite show 'Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana Gaya,' every mon-fri, 10.30 pm, only on Rangeela Channel.

Please leave your valuable comments below and let us know how you liked it.

Written by: Shamil


  1. RM people - where is the ROFL emoticon on your webpage when I need it as desperately as NOW!!! I have never yet started a reply to BT segments without rolling on the floor, literally :D :D :D

    Shamil jiii! :O You called us minority log "heartless" too!!! :O :O :O Woh bi after "kanfeshioning" your lubb for me khule aam?! </3 Oh Jeejus! Didn't think I'd see the day!

    On a seriously funny note Shamil - you just keep getting better at this - and shout out for you guys at RM, to give her this pedestal she truly deserves!!! WOOT for BT and our personal star reporter JS!!!

    1. JZ, u know very well I too belong to the 'heartless' gang. see we cant even sing 'hamare dil aap ke paas hain'

    2. Awesome awesome shamil.. OMG! you just cracked me up^^


  2. LMAOOO! Jhoota Singh ji...I mean Shamil! New entry of Ms. Taki rawant?!...kickass...LOL... love that final question..Golu aur pippi ko kacche chaba denge..hehe..

    Shamil you are fantastic at this!*claps* Already subscribing to BT for days each new edition!

    Thankyou Rangmunch for putting this up! :)


  3. LMAO!!!! rofl rofl!!! hum is tarah ki ladki ko pasand nai karthe humari monu keliye... ;) but seriously this was damn funny.. challenge to make chole bature... lol lol !!! superb.. :) do keep posting such stories :)

  4. shamil Ami here OMG girl what you did today ROLF
    oh god i am total ROLF ROLF ROLF ROLF ROLF

    what a story clap clap Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana Gaya ROLF ROLF

    Miss Taki Rawant! ROLF ROLF

    you girl rockss

  5. OMG JS ji.. tussi to STAR ban gaye.. Congratulations Shamo !

    Super loved it.. HAWLARIOUS Spoof..! Great job done.. RangMunch..!


  6. Hilarious Interview Shamil! You are too good. Keep coming with such stuff.


  7. Aww thank u friends! gives me enough courage to continue with the spoofs!
    And a big thank u to dearest swati for insisting that I write one for RM too

  8. Rofl.... bada hi rangeela spoof tha... Still can't control my laughter...Loved it totally.

  9. @ shamil :

    this is just outstanding spoof yaar !! Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana Gaya..Miss Taki Rawant!! i actually had a snort trying to supress my outburst of laughter. gosh i'm still ROFLing, my back is aching from laughing so much !! keep it up dear, you are really brilliant in writing such spoofs write some more.

    ps : do tweet this link to Kunal if you have an account, i'm sure he'll love it.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana Gaya ROLF ROLF..
    Miss Taki Rawant! ROLF ROLF...
    Hilarious Shamil...

  12. what a screenplay man man gaye ekdam mast ....hpefuly wating for next episode

  13. ROFLLLLL Shamil JS is back and that too with Taki Rawant the TRP grabber LOLLL....awesome call us heartless "pouts pouts"

    Shamil am being redundant, but you Rock as JS and same goes for Rofl'icious BT :))))


  14. EPIC.............EPIC
    I am laughing like a loon here

  15. shamo...really kidilan..omg....i cannot stop laughing....

  16. @shamil

    Superb!!! Taki Rawant :-), :-), :-). Am laughing so loud on a Saturday evening, my hubby and kids think I have lost it. Thanks to Rangmunch guys for giving her this platfrom.

    Waiting for more editions

    - Radha

  17. LMAFOOOOOOOOO shamil what have you dont shoo i cant control my laugh :P
    this was freaking hilarious shamil Title was damn awesome ROFL Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana Gaya HAHAHAHAHAHHAAH or Miss Taki Rawant! ...HAHAHAH shamil outstanding spoof am hoping kunal read this HAHAHAH i know dear you amazing but that much never know before......... banner is amazing made by saher Whoo girl kuls choose the Title HAHAH guys you simply amazing loved the Monu-Meenu love story ..ROFL

    A big Thankyou Rangmunch for putting this up!!!!!!!!


  18. ROFL! Shamil!!!
    Arrey Jhoota Singh ji..aapko mera salaam is master piece ke liye.. I am already a fan of BT..per ye tho sab se besssttt hain!
    Taki rawant jaise entry ho tho Mohan Bhatnagar ka kya hoga ??
    Few heartless ones..? tag bhi de diya..:)

    Anyways Monu and Meenu rocks and you too Shamil!! Thank you !
    Thank you Rangmunch for this!!

  19. Shamil


    Loved it Loved it Loved it

    Title bhi kya yaar chole aur bhatura - dhono cheez mast to eat but later pareshaani LOL

    Ok ok anyways loved it and hope to see more

  20. OMG ..ROFL...i am dead laughing ..this is mind blowing ..

  21. Shamil...this was just awsome...loved it...the names...interview...everything!
    you rock

  22. LOL Shamil the himmatwaali comment made me imagine Meenu with a hunter ala Sridevi LOLL


  23. ROFLMAO Shamil! i just came across your post on NBT forum. lol Where the heck is the "ROFL" emoticon when you need it?

    I can't wait for more JS stuff. Shamil, you're SO FREAKING GOOD at good!

    ~~~ AMY

  24. where the heck is the emoticons on this page???
    LMFAO....Shammu, you are my super heeruine :)....come here gal, you deserve a BIG BEAR HUG :D ....keep rocking like this.... :)

  25. I am gonna be Britney Bhalewali for today ;)...

    Shamil you did it again!!
    You made us go Mad
    My stomach's in pain
    By laughing baby!!

    Shamil I'm still alive
    After reading your pooooooost
    It is worth all my cents!!!

    :):):):):):) Oh Jeejus! ;)

  26. awesome spoof Shamil as always :)))

  27. Shamil finally I read after coming weekend hybernation mode..I ate your chole bature.e...comments se lagta hai tune mere CHOLE pe makhi baitha diii..Takhi sawant ya .Makhi... sawant...LOL..Seriously...isse aacha usse...rashmi tha kadwai CHasni se baand deti ...ROFL
    Show lacess likha hua to mujhe yaad aaya v o to sab kuch khula hee rakhti so true...Monu same to same Makhi jaisa nahi hai...........vo to 2-2 shirt pahnta hai ...or makhi....1/2 -/1/2 bhi nahi pahtni............

    Vaise ladki bhi kaun LAaye REEEDDHEEEMAA>>>>>...Hum dono ki spoof writing ki FIRST INSIPIRATION LOL mera dil gad gad hho have another ispiration aroung kornoer......


  28. dis is an ace production of BT till date.....Taki Rawant??...can dis get more ROFLacious?...knowing you i will bet my hissa of chole bhature!!....just a superb amalgamation of imagination...humour...intelligence..& a deep understanding of d story-characters....Thank you RM for showcasing dis talent unparalleled..

  29. Excellent as always Shamo. I knew I was done for the moment I read "Tacky Rawant". Had to hold my sides while reading the rest of the story :D Are you sure that "rishta" between our Monu and Tacky wil be fixed? Or would we see BT searching other girls for him? :D Hope "Jeejus" guides you in this process.

    Awesome! Awesome! Awesome! *wolf whistle*

  30. ROFL.

    You keep getting better and better though every time I feel this is perfect.

    You are improving your perfectly written spoofs in the next!

    Wow. You are bestowed to write humor dear girl, keep it up. Love your No Bakwaas, bakwas times!

    - Swati.

  31. Shamil !! Totally loved this :)
    Tacky sawant .. we r all ready for u... aa jao pleeej....

  32. Guys thank u so much for the kind words! I wud love to reply each one but finding it difficult to post; every time I try, the blog is asking me to prove am not a 'robot' ab isse zyada kya proof doon , rofl
    love all guys ! Will defo try to write again for RM

  33. LMAO this is BRILLIANT BRILLIANT BRILLIANT, Shamil! Super talented you are! So glad to see you getting a big platform like RM to showcase this too!

    ROFL@ the title....a story of Meenu and Monu who challenged each other to make chhole bhature...hahahaha still can't stop laughing. And the return of Taki Sawant....bechara

    Do write more! Oh and fab banner by Saher!


  34. LMAO...what a rock girl!!!

    it was very hot, spicey, sugary and salty chole bathure

  35. "and he will never leave his momma err I mean me!"

    ^ LMAO... Seriously! Rakhi should think about doing cameos on Soaps. Maza aa jayegi!

  36. OMG..shamilji..this is superb hilarious *clap* *clap*..loved d title ROFL!!..Taki Rawanth..for MONU...*whistles*...JS is just adorable as Monu..<3 BT rocks!!!!

  37. Awesome post Shamil

    Hahhahahahahaha I have missed reading your spoofs!
    Love it!


  38. Awesome Shamil . Keep it up . U always make us Laugh .

  39. freaking awesome

    i rem'ber u frm the dmg times whn u used to write abt the flying dupatta!

  40. nice very nice i love Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha

  41. It is just out of the world Shamil....Yet again a master-piece from U....Very true regarding Mohan's fans keen on being his GF....Awww...How can somebody resisit Mohan bhatnagar.....He simply Rocks.....I am lucky to witness 2nd show where U r presenting Ur brilliant spoofs and first one too was unmatchable......It has made me laugh rolling over the floor in my low times.....Awesome Awesome Awesome....hats of to U...Expecting more and more hilarious stuffs in future....Best Wishes....Way to GO dear...

    Cheers.....Janvi Acharya


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