Fan Story: "Bakwaas Times" by Shamil!

The Rise and Fall of a Star!!

(Disclaimer: Spoof is a humorous imitation of something and is meant to be taken in the spirit it is intended…..humorously with a pinch of salt or tons of sugar if you will or with a plate of Chole and Bhature in this case. This content is unfortunately not owned by Rangmunch, which is nothing but a humble tongue-in-cheek salute to the popularity of the show and is in no way intended to hurt anyone's feelings. Read on, roll on with laughter and move on with a smile on your face.)

JS - "As per the latest buzz, there is someone in the NBT team who is extremely upset with the way things have happened with her. We are talking about Ms. Rumaalithe hanky who plays an important role in the popular show ‘Na Bathure Tum Na Chole Humse Bana gaya’.

Aaiye sunte hai rumaali ki kahaani unki zubaani."

R - "I am very very upset with the PH. When I signed the contract, they clearly told me that I will be playing the parallel lead in the story. I had more eye-lock scenes with monu than the other lead meenu. They even used to play the de-re na ,de-re-na BG while he stared at me and smiled happily.

The First Meeting
He wouldn’t even share me with Meenu. I still remember how much he panicked when Meenu took me from him to wipe her tears. It was very clear he could never part with me even for that lady!

Now just see what they have done to my character! Pehle mere monu ko shoot  kiya. Phir uss ‘am so confused’ wali Meenu se mujhe uska pocket se nikaala. And voila! She remembered how I ended up with ma darling? How could she have those flashbacks when she never missed me? And then she drenched me in monu’s ketchup wala khoon ! Not even surf excel can clean me now! I can’t help but blame the script writer for this."

JS - "But Miss Rumaali, how can u blame the script writer? They wanted to show a beautiful sequence where Monu's blood would end up on Meenu's fore head while they play some random shlokas. See they wanted to show a symbolic representation of how Meenu has filled her maang with Monu's khoon.”

R- "Oh really?? In that case, am fully covered with Monu's blood. Kindly tell me the symbolism for that? Does that make me his patni too?”

JS who unfortunately never understood symbolisms, decided to change the topic.

JS - “Rumaaliji, from what we have seen, monu loves Meenu a lot. The fans too are happy that finally Meenu has confessed her love for him”

R- "Oh so u think only MM have fans? I too have my share of fans! (bursts into tears) I want my old script writer Miss.Cynic back! She was soo good to me! She made Monu look into ma eyes..err lil blue flowers with his theekhi theekhi nazrein and smile many a times. She always made Guru keep me in Monu's pocket so that he could take me out slowly and gaze at me lovingly and go all dreamy eyed..

JS - ‘Is it true that you had been throwing tantrums at the sets? There have been rumours that you refused to go wet in a much needed scene.”

R - “oh that’s so untrue! In fact I consider the scene with monu where we drench in rain, the most romantic scene between us! Why would I refuse to do such a scene??”

But after that scene, they left me hanging outside the window and I protested against that! I think that made the new writer vengeful and he decided to reduce my role in the show. And here I am looking so yucky under a random book and singing ‘Monu teri rumaali maili ho gayee’ * cries aloud*

JS - "Rumaali ji , I think Monu no longer misses u! They showed him take the deepest breath ever and utter 'mehhghaaahhhaaa..' while he was in the hospital."

R - "oh, blame it on the poor editing please. I am sure he must have said "mehghaahaa mera rumaal vaapas do' (sighs). Now that am locked up in this cupboard, I don’t even know what’s happening in my show!”

JS-Oh we have a new entry Maddy who is planning to be the daddy to meenu’s kids. Monu meanwhile has agreed to get married to another random girl but looks like he is back to wooing meenu and her kids."

R- “aww my poor Monu! He is so shattered after losing me that he decided to marry any random girl! I miss him soo much! Does he still search for me in his pocket?”

JS- “I don’t think so. At present he keeps a mangalsutra in it so that he can tie it around meenu’s neck as soon as she says yes.”

R- "Oh, that means they have already decided to end my track in the show! Beraham, bedardi writers!! Just wait n see. The TRP of this show is gonna rise again only if they decide to bring me back to the show!"

JS- “So would you like to say something to your fans?”

R- “I hope they will do the needful to get back my khoyi hui izzat. Till then they can watch this VM and keep signing petitions to bring me back!”


  1. Ha ha.. omgggggggggggg..... laufing out loud at 1.45am ... ! Super duper stuff..! Fabulously written by Shamil..! Three cheers ! Thanks for publishing Rangmunch


  2. Ahhhhhhhhhh OMG
    i just cant stop my laugh
    its just superb amazing awesome
    mindblowing Mis Rumali hahahahahahahahaha

  3. WHOLLYYYY!!!! LMFAO....Shamuuuu, you do know how to make my day gal....come here, you deserve a jhappi *SQUISHY HUG*.... oh man! I so wanna see the reaction of KKK & AS on this ... :) ...Thanks RM, plz do a segment of K3 & AS abt Ms. Rumaali :)

  4. Oh damn! This is freaking HOWLARIOUS! =)) Shamo, tussi great ho madamji! Out of words really! =)) Seriously yaar, Ms.Rumaali badi yaad aati hai as we both ladies share the same sentiments *sob sob*

  5. Thank u tanu. maha, rehana & bidzie

  6. ROFLOL... can't stop laughing. Hope the makers, actors, Sonal see this. Would want to know their reation...

  7. Hilarious, Funny one.

    I too want Rumali to be sent her rightful place i.e. monu's pocket.

    Thanks for sharing!


  8. Superb work!!

    Enjoyed reading it!!

    BT rocks!! :D


  9. ROFL......... :D

    BTW, I have another question. Apart from the "rumal", where has the framed photo of Lt. Mr. Vyas been lying these days? I probably had a glimpse of it two-three episodes back, placed at some corner.
    Initially Megha used to be hooked to it....usse baatein karti thi, apne feelings share karti thi, kabhi-kabhar uske aage roti bhi thi! And these days she seems to be least bothered about it. Paas se guzar jati hai, par palat ke bhi nahi dekhti!

    Sigh!! This poor little frame too doesn't have much importance in the show any more :(

  10. my dear shamil,
    Super duper....Oh God,I love your spoofs too much..A big hug to you..

  11. thank u udhay, subha,anu

    @Ajnabi Lahiri- Will see to it that it makes an appearance in one of the spoofs in future. thank u.

  12. Congrats Shamil....Awesome interview....Thank you rangmanch for the publish....Missing Rumali and her place is occupied by mangal sutra is awesome to core....Way to go Shamil....U rock Girl....:)

    Janvi Acharya

  13. Rumaali and her love story are epic enough to go into the pages of history Shamil ji - and you as the genius writer! As for Monu, and his love escapades with literally every character and prop of the show - just show a love story between Mohan and X - and X is a HUGE hit!!! Of course Rumaali wants her place back - and I petition for her! =]

    [ps: Thanks RM for having Shamil's awesome spoofs! Totally deserve the spotlight!]


  14. thanks jaan. sita & JZ
    U r right JZ. Just bring in any character/thing and give them a lil screen space with the dynamic yet goofy character named Mohan bhatnagar , and we have a super hit jodi, lol

  15. ROFL ROFL ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cant stop laughing.. OMG!! shamil i love all ur story yaar... tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good... Hope the CVs understand how much v r missing our rumali.. rumali was better than mangalsutra..
    i keep reading ur spoof most of the time in IF and i enjoy it a lot.. plz keep writing.. I love it ;):)!!

  16. LOL Shamil! Kya se kya ho gaya Ms.Rumaali ka..tsk tsk.. with all the screencaps it's even more sad..she probably singing..adhoore hum bin tumhare.. :(

    LMAO@ the symbolism bit...good one!

    And your VM...brilliant! :D

    Thanks for posting this up Rangmunch! :)


  17. Full TP tha aur VM to SONE PE SUHAGA hai!!!!....pakshi

  18. Why have u missed the scene where Mohan makes Megha's and his handkerchiefs talk to each other, while standing close to his bike near his house. This was around the monkey-man drama. And then Tanu steals Megha's hanky. It was an awesome scene to talk about. Like Rumaali's new love interest (Monu's Rumaal) :-)

    1. Romaali is NOT interested in monu's rumaal. She is in lowwe with monu only. She wants to be back in his pocket so that he can take it out when ever he likes and they can play eye-locks. Hence I didn't mention the other angle, his rumaal, lol

  19. thank u 'unknown', maz , pakshi & monica

  20. Shamil....howalirous and a very sad ending to Miss. Rumali's loweee story LOLLLL......ahh you added Maddy too to Rumali's loweee story....Rumali is not gonna like it....pehlee Meenu and now Maddy taking away her screen time...bad ,very bad :((((


  21. Shamil:

    Wonderfully entertaining as always

    I too miss the rumaal.

    it was so subtly romantic

    wish it made another entry

    the mangalsutra should nest in the rumaal until wedding

  22. Oh! God!...... I started reading that Ms rumaali could be a real character..My goodness... Oh are the best spoof maker


  23. Rofl... We want our Rumali back...hehe...ketchup wala khoon was fantastic. I'm waiting for more such spoofs by you.

  24. diff to control laughing readig ur post..tat too sitting in a meeting room surrounded by 15 difficult...

  25. Shamil you are just Brilliant, outstanding write up.... Me too missing Ms. Rumaali and her sharing screen space with Mohan, it was indeed very romantic and sweet.

    Even though this is a spoof, hope it reaches whoever it should, as a message, that the CVs should never mess with main leads like Ms. Rumaali, who was a parallel lead to the Female protagonist.


  26. Amazing as usual Shamo di ! Dialogues I love and agree with -

    -> "Oh so u think only MM have fans? I too have my share of fans!" True that !
    -> "oh, blame it on the poor editing please. I am sure he must have said "mehghaahaa mera rumaal vaapas do' (sighs)"

    The second one made me go ROFL literally ! Hehe ;) But one thing is true - Monu-Rumaali jodi has ardent fans too ! (Me one of them *blush*) We fans are waiting for the comeback of Ms.Rumaali but in vain...Though we still hope we'll get her bck after MM marriage atleast..Some more awesome points (not that the whole thing wasn't superb !)

    -> He wouldn’t even share me with Meenu. I still remember how much he panicked when Meenu took me from him to wipe her tears. It was very clear he could never part with me even for that lady! LOL
    -> Aww my poor Monu! He is so shattered after losing me that he decided to marry any random girl! LMAO

    Keep rocking di !
    3D (Monu_Deewani)

  27. shamilllllllllllll ahhaha love you for written Hilarious spoof:))):P it was so subtly romantic haha shamil but i dont want Rumali to be sent her rightful place ..:P cant stop my laughing haha too awesome to start to end :P but last's Part were freaking awesome am loving this :D
    well am hoping we seen her back on show but after MM married :)
    keep it up
    big hug to RM for updating on site

    shamil dear enjoyed each &every word of spoof :)

    (Sonu-Monu )<3

  28. oh god Shamil..this was ulitmate..i couldnt stop laughing as i was rading..and everybody at my work thinks i have gone
    but seriously you have brought that rumaal to sheer life by your Rumaaliji and loved your pics and the desription of scenes..i agree..the rumaal has been nothing less than a prallel lead for a long time..and i really miss Rumaaliji a lot..
    pleae CV's bring our rumaaliji back and place her in Monu's pocket...
    Rumaaliji ki sahi jagah wahi hai..monu ke paas...
    great spoof Shamil.keep it up..
    will wait for lot more of these bakwass times...
    P.S. i do not have a proifile on RM but i am Barbie2011 from IF

  29. Thank u guys for all those beautiful comments.Keep supporting BT , lol

  30. Bring back Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha season 03 please Rm talk with Sudhir sharma sir ceo of sunshine production's and kunal karan kapoor and aakanksha singh aka's mohan megha one of the blockbuster serial for all fan's request specialy bring back....

  31. Bring back Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha season 03 please Rm talk with Sudhir sharma sir ceo of sunshine production's and kunal karan kapoor and aakanksha singh aka's mohan megha one of the blockbuster serial for all fan's request specialy bring back....


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