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Balika Vadhu

In tonight's episode, we will see Shiv declares Kewal Ram as the contractor for the canal project which enrages Het Singh.Shambhu and Het Singh threaten Shiv for this .Anandi warns Shiv that Het Singh is capable of doing anything.Gauri talks to her mother about the recent problems she and Jagya are having.Her mother advices her to look for a job for him.

Ruk Jaana Nahi
Star Plus, 6.30 pm

Sanchi tells Indu to accept her as his wife but Indu insults her and leaves.Sanchi and Mehak seems to be hatchinga plot.Indu comes back to the canteen where his gang his hanging out and tells them about what Sanchi said.

Aasman Se Aage
Life OK,

Karishma's mother insults Malti and Poonam by calling them theives.Malti and Poonam leave and go back home.On the other hand Akshat tries to convince his parents about Meenakshi. Will he be able to convince them?


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