Messengers of Love Welcome Mohan back into Meghas Life!!

I have always been a die hard romantic and moments that capture the walking in of love always have left me anticipating for more! Having watched the show for over a while, I have always enjoyed the subtle yet sweet Mohan and Megha romance blossom slowly yet steadily. Last night as I noticed Mohan corner Megha, though it was something that I felt came too early in their story ( well, they could have saved the moments for a more mutually consented confession) I also felt Mohan needed some answers. Lets not forget he is a man in love and his heart knows no logic at the moment.

He did his bit as a worthy reporter, but he also did what he did because he loves Megha. He wanted to see her happy but he also knew his happiness also somewhere is intertwined with hers. That is why when he was hurt he decided to leave as he knew he would not be able to take the pain of having her around and not having her at all as it would kill him!

But the moment she stopped him, his heart signaled him to hope for more. He made his stance clear this time around. He made her know, that he could stay back but the reason for it this time would solely be her! Was she ready for it? May be not! But she did want him to stay and he read that in her hesitation as well as her denial. 
At this point in time, saying I love you is immaterial as she knows it already. We hype I love yous so much on TV, that we end up thinking the words hold most weight-age. Sometimes we say I love you mom, I love you dad, I love you best friend, but when we say I love you Lover, it changes the entire scenario.... 

Having learnt, he did stand a chance in bringing back the lost happiness and love in her life, Mohan Bhatnagar, with renewed spirits made a royal come back into Mrs. Vyaas's life all set to make her his! Love has this uncanny ability of walking into your life just when you are not looking!  

The subtle smile on her face, didn't go unnoticed by him. Mohan sped his way back into Meghas life last night, determined to conquer his love. The Pigeons in the backdrop crystallized the welcoming of love, as they have been messengers of love from time immemorial! Somewhere we know now, that Amar has given his consent to take a new course of life. The hug between Nanhi and Mohan somehow seemed to complete the family picture for me. It was just beautiful. 

tere is ishq main
hum dil se gaye
hum jaan se gaye ...
hum dil se gaye
hum jaan se gaye...
na bole tum na
maine kuch kaha .....
One cannot deny, Mohan has made a place in Meghas life by now, whether he will cement himself in her heart just the way she has in his life is something that will be interesting to see. Smooth and Sensitive execution by Maan Singh and the apt imagination of Sonal Ganatra only made the last scene worth reflecting over! The clouds of love have made their place in the sky! I cant wait for it to pour soon... and I shall then sit back and watch these lovers play in the rain of love!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. superlike. very well written. the director maan singh , i think he is the same who gave us beautiful moments of geet and maan. show is very nice, seriously these trps should not be there.

  2. Nice write up......... Yeah even I agree they should have waited a lil more....... I am not sure whether I am happy or sad that the story is fast paced. They should savour every moment esp. Intense ones atleast ....... But absolutely love the show neways....

  3. Very nicely written. Life stores unexpected events for us ....some bring happiness when we least expect them. So always welcome such unasked blessings with open arms. I hope Megha will one day do the same...whitepearl.

  4. I am loving this new track of bold Mohan. awesome analysis by you.

  5. i want d wonderful track "tere ishq me hum dil se gaye hum jaan se gaye"-sum1 plz hlp.whr 4m i cn gt dat song!

  6. kunal n akanksha u both r just awesome n also ashnoor(chawanni :-))
    wish u al bst of luck n keep it up.

  7. Excellent .... Excellent .... Excellent

    No words to describe the show and the love story. The way the story is being potrayed is amazing...

    Love it full on!!!

    KK and AKA ...sorry... Mohan and Megha seem to be made for each other ... Love their chemistry and the way they express themselves without saying words!!!

  8. We want it backkkkk ;) <3<3 sply Mohan yar

  9. Misssss Kunal :-(:-(:-(:-(:-(


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