The Little Munchkins – Ansh, Payal and Palak

               Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.

Give them hugs, you get bountiful hugs back; shower them with love, compassionate they become; instill values and morals, good human beings they grow into; reprimand them with the right discipline, they know to differentiate right and wrong in life; give them plenty of kisses and blessing and you get kids confident in their parents’ love and support. Love and support that can only give the children the much needed courage and security to become successful as they grow.

Ansh, Payal and Palak – the three little munchkins stealing our hearts in the show “Punar Vivaah” are no exception.  They are sweet little toddlers who have a loving family, pampered to the hilt and their whims and fancies fulfilled.  Yet they come with insecurities, they miss the unconditional love from a mother or father; they miss that steady and comfortable blanket of security that only a father and mother together can give to a child. This the tender age, when children make create images that can never be erased.

It is the fact of life that girls and boys are wired differently, right from birth and they are also disciplined differently. Boys are in constant motion versus girls. Girls are more prone to thinking constructively than boys. Boys can be more emotional despite being boys and girls are much more confident in handling their feelings. Girls are all for delayed gratification versus boys who need instant gratification. And I see all these qualities in our three little firebrands.

Ansh, the extension of Aarti’s life and the apple of the Dubeys; a toddler missing a father’s love in his life, a toddler who dreams to have a normal family as every other kid. He is pampered and is adored by the Dubeys. He is the reason for Aarti’s survival and he is the reason for Aarti opting to remarry. He is loved, hugged and kissed with lot of assurances. There has been a remarkable change in Ansh from the inception of the show to now, and it was so skillfully portrayed. Be it his naughtiness and stubbornness in the beginning, or his very demure and mature interaction with the family, he has grown quite a bit. He needed instant gratification and assurance that Yash would be his Naye Papa, and once that was established, all he saw was the big picture and his future being secure. He was all ready to cooperate because he sees the upside to it. The upside goal was more important to him than anything else in the whole wide world, and it was easy for him to adapt to the new situations and new restrictions.

The prim and proper Payal and Palak on the other hand, despite having a loving father, are the by products of constant discipline, boundaries and a dearth for hugs and kisses.  No shouting, no playing in the rain, no getting dirty, no talking at the dining table; every act is disciplined and controlled. Being motherless and deprived of those constant hugs and kisses from other members of the family, they have grown to be quite and insecure and of course a constant need of their father in their life. And then comes Ansh, vying everyone’s attention, warranted or unwarranted. It is very natural for the evil face of jealousy to surface. Young and innocent toddlers, having lost their mother and a witness to the attention that Ansh is getting, it is so very natural for them to feel insecure and neglected.  And who can blame them, when what they see is what they understand in their tender minds. And unfortunately we as viewers seem to be critical of these innocent ones. Well they are just learning from their elders!

A person is a person, no matter how small or young. And children are no exception. It should have been the responsibility of the parents to explain the situation to the young minds. It should have been the parents who took the time to reiterate to these innocent minds, that there is an upside to the whole situation. As the story progresses, I can only hope that Payal and Palak will get their fair share of being loved by their Naye Mama. I hope that they get their fair share of spending time with their Naye Bhai. I hope that they will be treated as people who, though young can understand the importance of sharing and being nice to others.

It is important that we treat our kids with respect and love, as they would be watching our every move going through different phases of lives. We as parents are their educators and children hang on to our every action and word. And they unconsciously ape their elders. Besides, as adults we tend to learn a lot from our children, from being patient to pulling our hair out!! How can we not love them whether they are our own or not? How can we not nurture them as delicate flowers, to avoid their innocence from wilting. It is important to remember that as we teach our children about life, they are teaching us what life is all about.

Ansh, Payal and Palak are adorable and doing a super fantastic job in the show. My wish is to see these three little rascals becoming a riot in the Scindhia Mansion and driving Mrs. G up the wall!!! My wish is to see them become “The Three Musketeers” and change Mr. Scindhia’s attitude. My wish is to see them create some beautiful memories for Yash and Aarti as their parents. And I wish for Yash and Aarti to build their children’s future with self-esteem, confidence, security, loads of hugs and kisses as they journey together as a family.

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  1. beautiful post...

  2. wow a wonderful article beautifully articulated

  3. wow ..such a sensitive and beautiful post ... it was really a pleasure reading this .... even I would like to see,'The Three Musketeers',making happy chaos and giving their parents,their extended family,us -the viewers happy memories...Deepa.


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