Jane's Corner: Geet ka Romeo

Helloooooo Peoples. Firstly an apology, because of exams until the 31st of May and a cold I have not been able to write any updates this week. In place I am offering a light hearted Maaneet rom-com I wrote a long time ago. I know you all love Maaneet!

I hope you will forgive me and wish me luck ;))

Geet ka Romeo

“Maan aap ko coffee chahiye? Mujhe chai peene ka mann kar raha hai, mein apne liye banane jaa rahi hoon.”

Maan looked up from the papers he was reading, it was late Sunday afternoon. Daadi and Anwesha had gone out and they were both relaxing alone together after a long time.

His eyes adoring her, he said “Haan..Geet mere liye bhi laana...Woh tumhari special wali coffee.”

Geet stared at him, “special wali?” She had never made him any special coffee before?

He threw her a scorching look and said “Tum mere Cup mein se thodi si pee lena, aur meri coffee ekdum meeti meeti ho jayeegi!”

“Maan...!” laughed Geet blushing as she ran off to make the ‘special coffee’ and her Tea.

Geet hummed to herself as she brought the cups out. Suddenly, from the front room there was a loud commotion. She went quickly to see what it was.

“Maaaaaannnnnn Daaaarrrrling!”

There was a woman who had climbed on to Maan's lap. She was throwing her arms around him and kissing him on the mouth!

Geet nearly dropped the tray she was holding, her mouth fell open at this sight.


“Ummm....Madhu...errm tum kab aayee New York se??” Maan was asking her this with his surprised eyes wide, staring at her clutching the newspaper to his chest like a shield.

Geet started at them both! Maan was not even telling her to get off his lap or attempting to take her arms away from around his neck!! Geet started shaking with rage and shock.

She stomped up to them, and smacked the tray down on the table, hard! The cups and saucers clattered noisily in the tray spilling their contents everywhere.

“Err........ Geet.” Maan looked startled...he started to push the woman off his lap.

“Maaaannn daaarling....why don't you dismiss the maid and we will have a nice Tete a Tete.”

Then turning to Geet she said, “Shoo ...go and clean something, run along, you just cant get the staff these days” she said squeezing Maan’s knee.

“OHHHH!”, Geet spluttered...she glared at Maan. Her look saying it all. Why was Maan letting this woman touch him? Why was Maan not saying anything!

Suddenly spurred into action, Maan got up quickly tipping Madhu off his lap on to the floor. She fell on to the floor in an undignified heap.

“Geet, umm yeh Madhu hai, meri purani dost.... I mean .....errm hum college mein saath padhte the! Geet,” he put his arm out to touch her but she moved away from him glaring like a tigress!


But Geet stomped off with a glare at the woman and even bigger glare at Maan.

She heard the other woman saying, “Maan, why are you bothering with the maid when you have me here?”

Geet walked straight to the Outhouse muttering to herself, “Maid? She was sitting on his lap! ON HIS LAP! And woh ...woh to kuch bhi nahi bole! Or ussne KISS kiya Maan ko HOTON pe!!! Yeh to meine bhi naahi kiya ab tak! Yeh Chudail kaha se aayee??? Babaji!”

Well she wasn't going to talk to him after that, she shut the outhouse doors and bolted them, then remembering how she had climbed in through the window once she closed and locked them all for good measure too. There now, let him come and see me. I am not going to talk to him!

Maan was in a complete state, how had Madhu managed to turn a perfectly lovely evening with Geet in to a total disaster? He got rid of Madhu with a few choice words practically throwing her out of the house. He had seen that look on Geet's face...it was going to take a lot of fast-talking to calm her down now! He ran his fingers through his hair in a gesture of desperation and headed towards the Out House.

He reached the door and found to his surprise it was shut.

“Geet! GEET! Open the door yeh bachpana chod do! Woh koi nahi thi...she was just someone who I was in college with! GEET! Open the door.”

Geet heard him shouting her name from downstairs but she was not going to give in that easily. The images of that woman sitting on his lap, kissing him, and calling her a MAID were too vivid and she was getting her more and more angry. She muttered to herself angrily.

Maan tried all the windows. Hoping to find even one open.

“Essne to saare darwaze aur khidkiya bhandh kardee hai! GEET! Open this door at once! Mein Maan Singh Khurana keh raha hoon! OPEN this door!”

“Yeh to jawab nahi de rahi hai!” Maan went around trying all the windows to no avail. He went into the rose garden and sure enough, the only window that was open was her bedroom window on the first floor.

“Geet,” he shouted. “Geet woh kuch nahi tha...I didn’t even know she was coming! I haven't seen her since college...Geet ab gussa chood do and open the door!” He looked up at the window totally exasperated. What was he going to have to do to get her to open the door?

He looked around and looking at the garden he found a lovely red rose and plucked it. He stood under her window and threw it in.

“Geet! Please open the door now!” Maan stood gazing at the window hoping she would come to it so he could say sorry.

BUT why was he saying sorry it wasn't even his fault! That Madhu practically attacked him. He was reading his paper in peace he didn't even know how she climbed on to his lap!

Geet saw the beautiful red rose land just next to the window. She went to retrieve it. She peeped out of the window, Maan was standing there looking up at her...she was just about to smile and then she saw the lipstick mark on his lips shine up at her in the dusky light!

“OHHHH!” She grabbed the nearest thing to her, which was a vase and threw it at him!

Maan saw the missile fly at him and deftly jumped out of the way. He glared up at her. His quick temper rising. “Yeh to ekdum paagal ho gayee hai!” It was more serious then he thought. He had to get in the Out House somehow to knock some sense into her.

“Geet tum paagal ho gayee ho ke kya??” he shouted up at her glaring.

Looking around he saw one of the gardeners had left a small ladder against the wall. It wasn't long enough to reach the window but he thought he could scale the rest of the wall. It had quite few vine climbers, enough to grab a hold on.

“Meine bhi bahut climbing kiya hai!” Maan muttered to himself.

He started to climb the ladder and reached the top of it. Grabbing a handhold he heaved himself across and grabbed the vines.


Nakul was out walking taking his evening constitutional and happened to walk past the Out House when saw the ladder against the wall.

“Yeh to Bhayankar Wala Blunder hai! Yeh Maali Geet Madam ke window ke neeche ladder rakh diya! Maan sahib dekhenge to bahut gussa honge!”

He took hold of the ladder and started to walk off with it.

Maan spotted Nakul walking away with the ladder and shouted down to him.


Nakul looked around...”Yeh choota Sahib ke awaaz kidhar se aa rahi hai?”

“Nakul! NAKUL!”

Nakul nearly dropped the ladder and thought to himself

“Yeh Sahib ke awaaz itne bhaari hai, Haveli se bahar goonj rahi hai!”

“Ayyaaa Sahib”, he said running to the Haveli fast as his legs could carry him taking the ladder with him.

Maan practically screamed in frustration at Nakul.

IDIOT! Nakul! Now he was hanging on to the vine with no hope of getting down if he couldn't get up!

Geet heard Maan shouting at Nakul and peered out the window to see Maan hanging below her window on some Vines.

All her anger drained out of her

“MAAN,” she shrieked “yeh aap kya kar rahe ho! Why are you hanging on these creepers outside my window? Maan, you will fall!”

“Geet..Geet ...” Maan bit his cheek in frustration. “I am not hanging here for my good health! Woh Sala Nakul ladder leke bhaag gaya! I was trying to climb to your window since you have seen fit to lock all the doors and windows!” He finished angrily glaring up at her.

“Was that my fault?? woh tumhare godh mein baitke tum ko kiss kar rahi thi ...aur usne ..OHH ussne mujhe maid kaha or aap kuch bhi nahi bole!”


Daadi and Anwesha drove up to the house and couldn't believe what they were seeing!

Maan was hanging on to some creepers outside Geet's window and arguing loudly with Geet who was standing in the window arguing back.

“Maan! Geet! Tum log kya kar rahe ho??? Daadi shouted up to them both in astonishment.

Surprised at hearing Daadis voice they both looked down at her. A stunned Anwesha and Daadi were looking up at the two of them as if they had gone completely mad.

Maan took a deep breath and thought about how such a blissful evening had become so absurd and realised how ridiculous and this must look to Daadi and Anwesha. Kya se kya ho gaya!

“Maan...mein pooch rahi hoon, aap kya kar rehe ho wahan?” Daadima asked again.

“Would you believe it.... Daadi....... mein Romeo and Juliet khel raha hoon Geet ke saath?” Maan laughed as the total hilariousness of the situation struck him.

Geet looked shocked and then as his comment registered she too started laughing with Daadi and Anwesha too joining in from below.

Daadi shook her head and muttered “Pyaar mein Maan aap such much PAAGAL ho gaye ho!”

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  2. one of my favs, Janey! really cute!

  3. Wow you re-posted this nugget. Its fantastic, hai those were the good old days :-)

  4. Thank you guys! Something to bring a smile to us and the remember the heady days of Maan & Geet in the Outhouse and Nakul & Daadi.
    Ahhhhhhhhh missing those days!

  5. miss those days. it makes so nostalgic. thanks jane


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