The Invisible Crack Emerges

My last article reflected on how Viren has emerged as the perfect husband to Jeevika ,a perfect brother-in-law to Manvi and and perfect brother to Viren-in whole "The perfect man". Also I had put forth my views and fear as to Jeevika and Manvi's close sister bonding becoming a source of concern in Jeevika and Viren's relationship.Viren has always stood by Jeevika through her most trying phases.He has been exceptionally patient with her and her thoughts on Manvi. Off late with Manvi being diagnosed with cancer, the fear of Jeevika obsessively turning into a basket case , ( sorry for using that ) has come true. Jeevika has always been shown the mature and sensible sister of the two , but now is a  complete wreck(understandably) who is constantly keeping a check on Manvi and monitoring her every move. Don't get me wrong, it's great to have such a wonderful sister who is there always unconditionally but her paranoia concerning Manvi  is creating problems not only for Manvi but for Viren too.

Who doesn't want constant care and love. We all want to be loved unconditionally , without any stipulations. But do we want to be blanketed by that love? The answer is no. A little space and breathing place is necessary for that love to nurture and grow. Jeevika is not wrong to be shown obsessively caring about Manvi as their bond is unique, but isn't she loosing her perspective as a wife to Viren , who has always supported her no matter what? I also agree the crisis is severe,and the thought of loosing someone who is closer to life itself is unbearable , but do we loose our objectivity over this ? Honestly , I wouldnt  know , since I have never come crossroads to such a situation, but one thing I am sure of , that you try to be there without crowding that person.

Manvi has already started to realise  Jeevika's mind being too  preoccupied with her  illness.The latest promo also suggests the same.Now the question is will Jeevika strike the right kind of balance between her sister and her husband? Already we had Viren venting out to Jeevika as to how overly protective she is becoming of Manvi, of how she should just let  Manvi be . The crack has happened  and Jeevika is oblivious to it. Will she turn about in time to rectify her actions before its too late? Only just has to wait and watch. All I can say is that Jeevika is in a very precarious situation and she needs to understand how to handle that. Tough road ahead for Mrs. Viren Vadhera !

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  1. Jeevika maybe the older one but she has always been the emotionally weaker than Manvi. Her soul resides in her sisters so obviously she will be shaken up and will go over the top. Not only Viren but even Virat is the perfect partner, however at the end of the day the story is about this complex bond between the two sisters who are so incomplete without each other that their first priority will always lie with each other. If we take this unbalanced relationship out of the show then what is left?

  2. Hi Navya, In Jeevikas defence, I am an over protective sister, daughter too!!! I get scared when my parents venture out without me, or my brother even catches a cold !!! well, kya kehte hai usey, OCD !!! woh ho jaata hai kabhi kabhi when you really love something, and fear losing it! You may end up losing most other things around you, but you are oblivious to the same, since you wanna cling onto that one thing!!!
    Jeevika knows she is fighting a tough battle and takes Viren for granted cos she thinks he will be by her side anyhow! We dont realise the value of what we have until we lose it do we? at the same time ... we waste loads of time holding onto something that we fear losing!!!! nice write up :)

  3. Nicely penned! Unfortunately during times of trauma, no one is spared from hurt and paid. Beautifully expressed :-)


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