I, Me, Myself - Mohit Raina

The tall and handsome chap with simplicity written all over him has bowled millions of people over with his aristrocratic appearance as  Lord Shiva, in the mythological TV Series 'Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev'. He has literally brought shiva on earth with his spectacular and true to heart performance. Meet Mohit Raina who is not new to the Televisison world as he has done shows like Chehra and Ganga Ki Dheej, but it is his current character, Shiva that has created rage among viewers of all age. Lets get to know a little bit more about this charming Kashmiri lad.

Rangmunch: Who is the first person you would turn to when you need help?

Mohit: My Mother

Rangmunch: Was there ever a time when you were frightened for your life?

Mohit: Never

Rangmunch: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

Mohit: Mahadev

Rangmunch: What is the best compliment you have received till date?

Mohit: There was this old lady who told me that when she was praying to lord Shiva, she saw my face. I consider that a huge compliment.

Rangmunch: Are you an impulsive person?

Mohit: No.

Rangmunch: Do you tend to get sarcastic?

Mohit: No

Rangmunch: Do you analyse your past actions?

Mohit: No

Rangmunch: Are you more of an extrovert or introvert?

Mohit: An Introvert.

Rangmunch: Which is that one thing you would love to innovate?

Mohit: Hmmm… Nothing

Rangmunch: What if you woke up the next day and realized you were bald?

Mohit: (ponders for a moment)..My makeup guy and the team of Mahadev would be really happy. The makeup would be faster and my wig would fit more appropriately.

Rangmunch: If you were not in this profession, what would be your other dream profession and why?

Mohit: I would have opened a restaurant. I am a big foodie, so ya I would have gone into the restaurant line. I plan to do that very soon.

Rangmunch: What kind of cuisine you like?

Mohit: Italian.

Rangmunch: Something you craved for when you were young and was denied?

Mohit: I was a cricket lover and in Kashmir we used to get this really beautiful willow bats which were very expensive. I wanted that desperately. It took me a while to get it but I got it sometime later.

Rangmunch: Describe yourself in a word or a sentence?

Mohit: Charming (says with with a mischievous glint in his eyes).

Rangmunch: On the scale of 1-10,what did you think about this interview?

Mohit: Well, 8..(laughingly).

Rangmunch: Why would you log on to Rangmunch?

Mohit: I would log on to Rangmunch as I would wanna read all the comments  and feedback from various place and taking time out from their busy schedule and write what they feel about the show and my character.

(As told to Swati Ghosh and Niharika Vidya Sagar)

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma


  1. Thanks Rangmunch for this interview. An italian restaurant huh? You know it's going to be mobbed by your fans! :)


  2. OOH just as expected. really nice and crisp! ;)

  3. Good questions ... Thanks Rangmuch Italian food will soon become our nation's preferred cuisine :)

    1. janaki specialy amng d gals... ;) as we r d craziest ones!!!!!!

  4. excellent Interview..but thats what we gotta expect from you..keep rocking ..:)

  5. @anonymous i agree wid u lol....dat restaurant wud we filld wid his fans only..;)

    and thnks a lot rangmunch for conducting dis interview..keep up d job and keep approachng him for many more..since we just cant get enough of him..;)

  6. rocking ! Thanks rangmunch for this lovely interview.

  7. A nice interview, really love the show, I am not born in India and have never visited but watching this show reminds me if the stories my dad told me as a child to teach me about my religion etc. Definately gives more context and relevance to my knowledge as a Lord Shiva follower. What dosnt make sense though so far is why Daksh was brought back to life??? There is no further insight on this...in the show. Also Lord Shiva did not show any emotion when Ma Shakti visited him - why is that? He seems to only have emotion to the worldly Sati?
    In any case I am not a person who idiolises people but I have been very impressed by your acting in this show. I know a few other people here in Australia who are watching this show and are impressed by your performance. Great cast that compliment each other and hope "Parvati" will be the same in the new episodes. Wish you succes is your future endeavors Mohit. (Seema)

  8. Mohit seems to be a good, hardworking person. Moreover he plays a really sweet-natured Lord Shiva. I enjoy the show and i live in Mauritius where Mahashivratree is the most important festival :) Best of luck and all the best 4 ur career mohit if you r indeed reading this

  9. i love you mohit......actually i too c ur face wen i pray to shivji

  10. kha jata he ki shivji brhamand k sab se sundar purush he.unki jo kalpna me karti thi aap us me bilkul fit hote ho.mhadev dekhte vaqt kai bar me or meri beti ek sath bole what a body yarrrrrrrrrrr......... aap ki mehnat dikhti he...me chahungi mhadev 10 sal tak dekhne ko mile...., aap ko khub sari saflta mile...love you mohit........

  11. Hi...hw r u? Mohit Raina I never loved anyone (except God obviously)but when I saw you first in the show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev...I was wondering who is acting as Mahadev so I went to the web and found you.....and guess what I went crazy after looking at you...man u r so handsome srsly..........I knw everyone says this 2 u but i would like to say it again that u r the cutest, hot, and handsome guy in this world i'd say :)
    I wished I had a brother n he would look just like u but no coz then i won't be able to love u coz everyone love their siblings...hehe.....i really want to see you.....could u plz put ur new pics in the google plz plz plz.....thnx.......
    uhhh.....i wish i had fb account too so i could chat with u but uhhhhh u knw sm family parents hw they r..................
    i wish we could chat on this site hopefully.........plz can we chat on this site Mohit plz.................and if u read this can u plz tell me hw old r u plz so i can see wt is the difference bw u and me plz..........can't u do this for smeone.......thnx a lot.........my lovely and hot actor Mohit ;)

  12. vese Mohit aap kitne lucky hounge jo apko Mahadev ka role karne ko mila...am i right :)
    jab maine first time Mahadev dekha tha to maine socha ki kya real mein bhi Mahadev ase hi dikh the hounge.....phir mein bhagvan se pray karne lagi ki mein Lord Shiva ko dekh na chahti houn kintu jab bhi dil kiya Lord Shiva ko dekhne ka to apki chavi samne aa jati thi...every time........aap sach much bahut lucky ho....may God bless u n hopefully we'll meet soon cross-fingers....hehe.......luv u :)

  13. hi Mohit....let me tell u smethng u knw wt Mouni Roy is THE BEST girl for u....u knw that........the way u were playing ur roles in Mahadev i felt that u r the perfect ones for each other...................srsly i would luv 2 see u guys together again..............could u plz after Mahadev show do another show but with Mouni Roy plz plz plz thnx a lot.................n i watch ur 'Ganga ki dheej' serial as well n guess wt i just fall for ur look in that TV serial..............OMG u killed me srsly........................i wish the man im going to marry smetime later i nmy life will be like U ;)
    srsly u hv killed me n stollen my heart.......there is no other bollywood actor or tollywood actor that i hv fallen for..............actually u might hv a lot of girls who hv fallen for u n nw im one of them....hehe...........i wish i could meet u face to face...........i guess Mouni Roy was pretty lucky girl who worked with a guy like u n u knw wt i was manily feeling jealous coz she was huging u in every episode and i want to hug u too...........but i knw this can nvr happen coz u live in India and i live out of country and don't knw when im going to visit India again :(
    but not to worry i knw we will meet one day :)
    gud luck for the future from the bottom of my heart :)

    1. main bhi yehi chahtihu ki mouni and mohit ek ho jaye. i love them a lot. they made for each other.

    2. Mohit, the BEST girl for you is really Sonarika not Mouni. Now that you have worked with both of them, you will know who is the person who pulls your heart strings like magic. Surely it is the big brown eyes of parvati & her divine face & character. Please think carefully before you move forward with any actresses. Make sure they are as good as you are and lives a good clean life like the way you do. God bless Son!

  14. He is the best choice for the role of Lord Shiva In Mahadev..I haven't seen God but I can just say that he has the looks of Lord Shiva..superb actor.aapki jagah shayad hi ye role koi aur kar paata..u r too good.


  15. Mohit you are an amazing actor. you look little like M S Dhoni. I was so bored of seeing news and other channels that i hit upon Life Ok when Mahadev was airing. I can hardly wait to see coming episodes and Shiv Parvati wedding. your entire cast rocks and please keep up the good work. God bless. also please advertise this serial on other channels , i wish all families with kids see this serial.

  16. wel Mohit i'm a Shiva bhakt...bt weneva i close ma eyes 2 praYYYY ,i c ur face....god bless u nd gd luck:)

  17. Hey Mohit, i totally agree with that old lady when she said that she imagines ur face when she prays to Lord Shiva. U have totally rocked the show with ur performance. I really love the way u smile and there is a mischevious sparkle in your eyes. I just wanna say keep up the EXCELLENT work and looking forward to bump into u soon;-) LOVE U UNCONDITIONALLY

  18. “Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them.”
    Always respected shivji as god but never expected that mythology can be so interesting n equally charming & attractive.
    Shivji with glint in eyes, vishnu ji with mischievous smile , parvati ji with luk that can frighten shiv even, n equally cute n sweet sati.
    last but not the least never found the shlok "kapur gauram...."the way its been sung n ur introduction...cannot be better presented ....has become earworm.

  19. This is the only serial me and my family watch. So the faces of Lord Shiva and Parvati were all new to us. So we watch this with full devotion. My daughter who is 6 yrs old is now ready to skip her cartoons for Devon ka Dev. And she keeps drawing Shivji since then. For a long time she believed that u r the real Lord Shiva. She often used to ask 'mamma, y is shiva not in blue color?' When we said u are an actor like Salman Khan or Aamir Khan, she asked How can an actor act so real...!! Its True..Me and my Husband too says 'You are a Great Actor!!' May be that's why we too visualize your face when we say.. Om Namah Shivayah..!!!

  20. hi mohit,,,,, u r realy aewsome..... whenever i see u in mahadev.... my hand automatically get joined to worship ur that image u r doing such a good acting u really suites in this role

  21. when v c u we dont think that u are a person n u r acting in a serial but v really realize u as mahadev himself before us,now when ever i close my eyes n want to see mahadev ur image comes before me,,,,,! u r doing a superb job,,,,, my life begins with 8 o clock when i c u,,,! keep it up.! har har mahadev,,,,,,,,,,,

  22. superb job overall on the serial - the mainstay of the success of the show is I think mohit's contribution. nuanced suble acting quite unexpected of an Indian serial. one teeny request though - please try and avoid the use of urdu vocabulary - jars as it does not fit in with the era - not sure if it is the sctor's addition or the scriptwriters

    eg, mahadev to parvati in daaruk van - tumhare sundarta ke samaksh aur koi sundartaa NAZAR nahin aati - really messes things up

  23. Very nice interview. Mohit Raina is good looking guy. All the Best!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. u r jst tooo gud....keep rocking...... all d best ..god bless you... keep smiling:)

  25. hey mohit.... i really admire u nd ur acting.... belueve me i consider u as the original Mahadev... i m one of ur biggest fans.. even my wallpaper in my cell is only yours... if i would get a chance to meet u i really wish it cums true.... love u so much... i was ur facebook frnd but i dont knw dat ur account was turned to a page.. i was very dissappointed as u used to chat with me... but i really miss u... u r my Real MAHADEV nd no one could evr play this role bettet than u... love u

  26. i like the show i saw many big actor act the role of shiva...........
    but he is the only one looks like real god "MOHIT RAINA"


  27. SIR ,


  28. Mere agle 1000 janam aapko lag jaye to me samju ke me mahadev ko paa liya aur next 1000 janam dhyan me hi nikal gaye.

    Dhanya hey hum sab ki mahadev ki assal pehchaan aap ke madhyam se huyi.

    Since last 40 years I was unaware about mahadev. You make me cry watching you everyday. You change my destiny.

    Mohitdev hi Mahadev, Mahadev ke darshan ki ichhchha purna huyi par man bharta hi nahi.

    Mohit ne man moh liya.

    Jo aap ko samaj gaya woh to ..........gaya
    Amul Patel

  29. You are a True MahaDev and gosh what a serene action.
    The level headedness of shivji is brought by you beautifully and really shivji means You.
    It is scintillating expression when gaesha asks you to prove his father or his mother's Swami.
    What an action.smile and astonishment together in your expression.
    Hara hara Maha Dev.
    Om namashivaya

  30. What a show, wat an acting Mohit!...just at 1 time u performed d pain nd anger both d emotions in ur eyes...its not so easy...only a perfectionist in acting like u can do it!....yesterday wid mahadev crores of people cried.....all got so emotional...this shows ur acting is soo much true......sonarika,devi parvati ka krodh toh baap re! Kya expressions the unke!....shabd kam padd jate h aapke baare mein bolne k liye...

  31. I m getting to know the facts about Lord Shiva which I missed in my childhood. Thanks DKDM team for a memorable show.

  32. Great going Mr.Raina

  33. gr8 job mohit.........

  34. Fab acting!!! You are fantastic. I stumbled upon your show by accident online and now I am addicted! You are a fantastic actor and don't let anyone else tell you otherwise. You have amazing screen presence and your expressions are superb. I actually saw you first time in bandini and thought you were cute and when I realised you were playing Lord Shiva, I was hooked!! I am also enjoying learning the story of Lord Shiva. Great job Mr. heartbreaker:-)

  35. Great going Mohit :-)) you have enacted this role of Shiva to perfection. We watch it religiously & don't want to miss it. You have such a serene look & it seems as if this is God's blessing to you. All the best for your future.

  36. meri mom apke episode ko dekhte hi bolti hai shakshat bhole baba dhrti par utar aye hai aisa lagta hai dekhke aur mujhe v aisa lagta hai ki lord shiva ka character sirf apke lye hi bana hai hope after mahadev we r gng to see u in a different but the same innocent shade. love u

  37. i can't explain ur acting in mahadev......it's awesome dr! i 've no words for explain ur acting.........really u'r fabulous star mohit..........me nd mi family really like u so much.............pls u tc......nd thanxx for give us good msgs by mahadev serial.ur biggest fan..........M

  38. Thanks rangmunch for this wonderful interview.mohit,I don't know how god looks like but I can surely say he looks like you.ur eyes r so expressive.u r so humble with pure heart.its true swayam lord shiva has chosen u to represent himself on earth.actually I m Christian but I became shiv bakth now because of u.not only that old lady sees u as lord shiva but me too when I worship lord I see ur face only.u r really great.ur expressions r so nice .u said in the interview u r inspired by shahrukh khan.being a shahrukh fan I can say shahrukh khan should be inspired by u.i keep on watching mahadev series from starting but I can't stop myself from watching again and again.god bless u.i will be happy if u really see this comment from me.love u always.

  39. thanks 4 the act of MAHADEV.which bring to know more about mahadev story the greatest PRABHU.by ur greatest performance really LORD MAHADEV will be with u forever that i wish.Good Luck.

  40. Thanks a lot mohit!!!!infact aft watching this serial ..i went to MAHAKAL TEMPLE...i wasnt aware of mahadev that much...but now now each and everything i am aware of mahadev....you are GREAT ..KEEP IT UP!!!!!!

    i am also from rishikesh(virbhadra)

  41. Thank you all love so much coming with new serial for you soon............

    1. Thank you for going through the comments Mohit.take care .bye.

    2. hi Mohit, why dont u try to be on facebook to update any devlp for ur fans :)

  42. Thats so sweet of you to read your fans comment taking....Thankyou taking out time for this from your busy schedule is too tough but you did it ....A grand salute to you for your wonderful performance in Mahadeva as It is 2... tough to play the role of mahadeva as I am his great devotee so I love to watch your serial...nnn..,Congrats for getting 7 telly awards for your serial...All the best for your future...=D...:)

  43. Hi Mohit! This is Sushma. How are you?? By last month I saw this serial in Tamil. thank you so much for telecasting this show esp in Tamil. Lots n lots of thanks. U r doing well. Then I can’t wait further so I started seeing in Hindi. I was curious about the next situation. I don’t understand but still it made me to see. After watching all episodes, whenever I go to temple when I see Nandi, immediately I hear the bell that will come in mahadev, excellent music, background music, ESP opening music, shivan & sati meet, shivan & parvati meets, dance with sati....
    First role with sati... excellent choice for that role... u both were doing so well... further going on, I didn’t even think that shivan has become a lover... when he lost his lover sati... I was crying and seeing.... I was fully devoted for next two days I lost myself... till paravti birth I lost myself... I was thinking whether we can meet shivan or not... when parvati came for meeting u rejected on first meeting.... I was so lost.... I realized abt broken heart... oh my god!!! It was so natural!! I can’t even say that u were acting...
    Right from first episode u r consistent... in 1st episode, u where so thin... den u have gained exact weight.... but nowadays u have put on much weight... if It is exact weioght it will be so devoted... Later on Jalander role.... EXCELLENT.... at a same time negative & positive role... hats off!!! Really u have work hard...
    At a same situation playing as a Guru, father & husband... hats off (broken comb) ... each and every actor chosen unbelievable... eg. Nandi, rishi dadhichi, rishi kashyap, lord Vishnu in bro role, parvati's father, mother, grandmother... when you come in different characters so apt, I can’t forget those scenes, god's gift to do with perfection, satisfaction, esp in adi yogi...
    In between Ramayana which doesn’t fit... when u r showing in Tamil if possible try to remove that part... heaven sake... there are so much in Ramayana, 50% right and 50% wrong in Ramayana concept... lingam will be taken by Ravanan's brother... moreover till last breath of ravanan he was a great devotee of shivan, he will not go against shivan, moreover he will not participate in sita's swayamvarm too. like this there are so much.. it is better if u can remove ramanan part alone dubbed in Tamil... for sure this will reduce interest of tamil people.

    One more VERY IMPORTANT ONE PLEASE for god's sake let Sonarika continue as a parvati, in mahalsa role, it would be an excellent love story... eg see when she comes as a fisherwomen... Pooja doesn’t suit for parvati at all… PLEASE for heaven sake change... role played by Pooja which takes away my interest in seeing Mahadev... because of yr role I seeing otherwise I will not see her part...... plsssssssss I m trying to post this comment in all possible way... I believe you will take this comment seriously and take necessary steps... this much investment bcoz of Pooja everything the whole team work spoils.... "SONARIKA WAS SO APT, DIFFERENT ROLES like KALI, PARVATI, AS A MOTHER" BUT POOJA HAS SPOILED IT... PLSS.... AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE CHANGE HER!!!! KINDLY DO SOMING CHANGE PARVATI...? I HOPE U TAKE THIS COMMENT SERIOUSLY!!!

    Omg my comment is going like a big mail...


  44. By seeing you in mahadev which made me to see how you have acted in other serial, so I saw Ganga Kii Dheej... Omg what a loveable pair... what a loving husband... at last all of a sudden it was over... I didn’t expect such a sending... how you as a son, villagers reacted after hearing the actual role played by your father... yr sister's actual birth... how it at all went, all of a sudden anjali n her frd was not there, yr cousins... lots n lots of questions... the ending was not expected which lost all my interest as a whole good, because of ending it was become as a waste of time... Yr romantic scenes excellent... 10 on 10

  45. Luv u mohit u r handsomeness personified!!! Hope to see u some day!! Har Har Mahadev

  46. Please do reply again mohit!! We'd luv to read ur comments. May Mahadev bless u with a happy n prosperous life and u achieve ur goals!! N acc to me this year u should receive The Best Actor Male Award in each and every kind of Award function!!!!!!


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