‘How I met your Mother’ returns with season 7 starting tomorrow @ 11.30 pm on Star World India

Missing Barney and his barneyisms? I sorely do and am thrilled my wait will soon come to an end. I have no idea when my enthusiasm to find Ted’s wife dulled and the need for a daily dose of Barney’s quirky one-liners and crafty pickup lines took over but whatever be the hook, you wouldn’t want to miss season 7 of ‘How I met your mother’ starting tomorrow @ 11.30 only on Star World India.

‘How I met your mother’ is an American sitcom about the everyday life of five friends – Ted, Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Robin - with the voice over of Ted Cosby from the year 2030 telling his son and daughter about how he met their mother. The narrative traces Ted and his friends’ journey from the year 2005 charting their romantic entanglements in a humorous vein. Marshall and Lily are Ted’s best friends from college who end up a married couple after long courtship in season two.

Robin enters the group as Ted’s love interest but their romantic relationship fizzles out and they remain friends though it is hinted once in a while that Ted stills holds her dear. Watch out for some Ted/Robin moments in season seven. You might like to know that Robin is the last one Ted confesses his love to before he meets his future wife.

Season six finale left us with an image of Barney’s wedding set making us wonder whom he was getting married to. Could the bride be Robin who still has feelings for Barney? Will their on-off relationship culminate in marriage during season 7? It was also hinted that Ted will meet his future wife at Barney’s wedding. Is it time for THE revelation – Who is the lucky woman Ted ends up with? Or do we have to wait another season as the show has recently been renewed for season 8 starting September ’12. At the end of the season six, to Marshall’s elation, Lily reveals that she is pregnant. 

I wouldn’t want to miss an event like Barney’s wedding after all the man has been a devout and proud serial womanizer through the seasons. Catch season 7 starting 31st May @ 11.30 pm on Star World India.

Neeraja Unni


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