Sneak Peek: International Shows

Star World,
Cops and Robbers
A crew of bank robbers disguised as classic television doctors take hostages which include Castle and Martha. But things are complicated by the fact that Beckett's on the outside having her every move scrutinized by a hostage negotiator and Castle's on the inside with information that the hostages are just a distraction for a more ominous plan
Beckett: Listen to me, jackass. I do not control traffic, so you're gonna have to give me 20 minutes.
Trapper John: Now you got one minute, Kate.
Beckett: No. I've got 20. Do you hear me? 20. Because if you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.
Trapper John: Okay, Kate. You got 20 more minutes.
Peterson: Well, that's one way to negotiate.


‘One world is out  of the window’-Weathering the harsh elements  sparks  new battles between the sexes , and poor communication leaves castaways scrambling at a frustration-filled immunity challenge, on the show.


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