Twist in Tale - Kya Hua Tera Vaada!

Kya Hua Tera Vaada on Sony Entertainment Television is already witnessing some interesting twists wherein Anushka is trying every means to get Pradeep back in her life. In the last episode we saw how Pradeep inorder to cover up his own guilt, insults Mona when she enquires about Anushka's prescription being in his pocket.

This week Kya Hua Tera Vada is all set to go through another high dose drama. Pradeep informs Mona about an important business party they have to attend and Mona is not sure what to wear for that evening. She calls Anushka for advice who completely misguides her and sends her to her friend’s parlour. Anushka and Pradeep attend the party together while Mona enters late. Pradeep is shocked to see Mona over-dressed and looking loud and garish. Mona feels upset but Anushka enjoys her disparity. She sends Mona a drink which she gulps down assuming it to be water.

Will Mona create a scene in the party to upset Pradeep even more ? Will Anushka take advantage of this situation to get Pradeep in bed again?

To find out watch Kya Huaa Tera Vaada on Wednesday at 10:00 pm only on Sony Entertainment Television!!!

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


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