Twist in Tale: ‘Chhal-Sheh aur Maat’

Colors' ‘Chhal-Sheh aur Maat’ has been grabbing many eyeballs due to its spine chilling storyline and plot. Our sources suggest that the forthcoming episodes of the show will witness a high end drama in the show.

Here is the real dope as to what will happen in the upcoming episodes- Neha will be seen pleading Kabir to allow her to meet Rishi once. Kabir somehow will agree to take Neha to meet Rishi. Neha will be shocked to see that Rishi there will be tied with a rope and that too by Kabir's goons.

Furthermore, the situation will turn more dramatic as Rishi will be gun pointed by Kabir's goon and Neha will be asked to get away else they will shoot Rishi. Neha will try to divert goon’s attention and in this hassle, the gun will get dropped by the goon’s hands.

Furthermore, Neha will pick the gun up and point it towards the goon. But in the entire hassle, Neha will accidentally shoot Kaboir instead of the goons. Will Kabir be able to survive the gunshot or will this take his life away?

Stay tuned for more updates!

Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


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