TV viewers take more fondly to Anti-Heroes!

Actors on the small screen, who play it negative, are grabbing quite a lot of attention from viewers, with their immaculate performances, in the recent past. When compared to the goody boys in Indian TV soaps, the bad ones rather surpass in terms of attractiveness as well as through their strong portrayal. A very good example of this would be of Mr. Bajaj, who became much more popular, compared to his better counterpart the good boy, Anurag in “Kasauti...Zindagi Kay”.

Various shows followed suit, with the negative shades hogging the lime-light over the goody two shows. Most shows today often have male protagonists that come with a series of flaws that denote realism in human behavior and attitude. 

The popular belief is that women like watching men change and transform over a period of time. And more often than not we have these characters that exhibit traits that one wouldn't expect even out of a hero. The makers also do not hesitate to make their good looking male leads evil as it gives them a wider spectrum to play on.

In recent times, the viewers of small screen have rather shown fondness for people with a less perfect image, thereby leading to the popularity of the small screen anti-heroes of recent times, be it Barun Sobti who plays Arnav in “Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon?”, Karnvir Bohra who plays Viraj DobrialinDil Se Di Dua...Saubhagyavati Bhava “, Mrunal Jain who plays Sameer in “Hitler Didi” or Anirudh Dave who plays Indu Singh in “Ruk Jaana Nahin”.

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. Hi Niharika

    This is humble request to you since we have seen you visiting the IPKKND sets. Can you please bring it to their attention.

    I am a loyal viewer and fan of the serial Iss Pyaar Kya Namm Doon and most of us on love this serial and it is number one online. There is a humble request about Sanaya Irani's current hairstyle and dresses. The current wig/hairpiece that is being used on her really looks very weird and prominent especially with her hair being clipped at the sides. Even the current dresses that she is wearing do nothing to enhance her beauty as they seem to be made from the same material. All her other costars seems to have better hairstyle and dresses than her although she is supposed to be the lead. We really loved her hairstyle and dresses during the Diwali, prewedding and wedding sequences and absolutely hate her current hairstyle. Please do something about her hairstyle and dresses as she needs a makeover desperately. I am posting the thread along with the pictures from India forum.


  2. In addition to the above comment, she does not look like a new bride at all.....Where are the kadas that were given to her by ASR...Why does she always wear those cheap glass bangles....Moreover what happened to the letter that ASR's mom wrote which were in the kada box....

  3. Can the PH allow ASR to get a haircut please...He looks so cute with short air such as during his intro scene in IPKKND or in November when he ties a bandage around her ring finger at the temple....

  4. Hi Niharika,

    I've tried every possible way to reach the CVs and director of the show but apparently I'm not as well connected as you are. Here is my attempt at helping out the story-line. I really hope that it reaches the sets of IPKKND. Thanks.

  5. What a nice blog yaar.I started love this blog now.Eery article is so cool.Anyway,anybody tell me where sanaya lived?Any way i can meet her?


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