Suvreen Guggal takes to Social Networking in order to get into DPSC!

Channel V's new offering Suvreen Guggal-Topper of the Year has caught the attention of one and all with its interesting story-line and socially relevant questions that the lead poses in the most innocent fashion. 

Suvreen who dreams of being a part of the prestigious DPSC, in order to fulfill her father's dream is extremely disappointed as she realizes the cut off marks in the said college is way higher than what she had expected. As she collects outside the college with a bunch of other students who meet a similar fate, she decides to express her feelings through a song . This emotional outburst however is mistaken to be an act of protest by the media who question Suvreen if she going on a hunger strike.

Blissfully unaware of the consequences Suvreen takes this as an opportunity in getting what she wants and takes up the cause seriously and refrains from eating. While most people abandon her during the course of the day, she is left with a select few like Annie, Nano and two other boys. Annie releases the video with Suvreen singing the song on a popular Social Networking site that unknown to them garners lakhs of hits and likes overnight.

Touching upon parental pressures, the problems arising due to lack of direction and personal aspirations of students the show presents a light-hearted take on the simmering issues faced by the youth today. 
Bringing in the social networking element by far has been one of the most innovative elements of the story. It is interesting to note that the show's FanPage on Facebook is also hugely popular as it boasts of a fan following of 19000+ since inception over the last three weeks and the number grows in hundreds by the day.

Suvreen touches your heart, as she addresses the media for the first time. Nervous like every other she makes no sense at first but later goes on to share her emotions of how not just she but many others like her carry dreams in their eyes and an unreasonable cut off could mean shutting off the opportunity as a whole . 
It also interlaces the fact the clueless youth today could adopt to known methods, but they will do it in their own style and the same cannot be ignored. It is a plea to be taken a little more seriously by the older generation that seems to think the generation next has gone astray with all the tools that have been made available to them!

Lets see how Suvreen and her friends get into DPSC after all this. If at all they do, we know they have already come with a baggage and Savthri Singh is not someone who would accept defeat easily. Suvreen unknowingly has attracted unwanted attention and has become a torch bearer of sorts leading a movement. It will be interesting to watch them lock horns!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. I like suvreen guggal and smriti is great acctress , smriti u loking very cuti, i like this show ,aur mai daily dekhta hu Is show ko?suvreen ko bina dekhemujhe neend hi nai aati hai.

  2. i love yuvraaj and suvreen jodi.i like this programms.bahut bahut acchi programme hai ......


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