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Star world,

Family Remains

When the ghost of a young woman haunts an abandoned house, Sam and Dean investigate. However, the situation gets complicated when a family moves in and ignores the brothers' warnings.In Stratton, Nebraska, Bill Gibson is watching TV at his farmhouse when the lights go out. As he leaves the room, he discovers the door won't open. A closet door opens and a white-skinned girl comes in. Gibson is surprised to see her and says it's impossible she's there. She attacks him and blood splatters across the room


Sam: It’s probably a dumbwaiter. All these old houses had them.
Dean: Know-it-all.
Sam: What?
Dean: What?
Sam: You said…
Dean: What?
Sam: Never mind. (Dean smirks)

Person Of Interest
Star world.


Reese and Finch must protect Judge Samuel Gates, who wants nothing to do with their extralegal activities even though his refusal could cost him his life


Reese: What's good here?
Finch: That won't work, Mr. Reese.
Reese: What won't?
Finch: Your interrogation technique.
Reese: "What's good here?" It's an innocent question.
Finch: No question is ever innocent from you

24-Season 8

Jack and company change coast and move to New York City,with the restoration of CTU,as well as the return of the President Taylor.Jack's love interest FBI agent Renee Walker has returned too.


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