Rewind and Play ‘Touch’, ‘Missing’, ‘Person of Interest’, and ‘Unforgettable’

This week on Rewind and Play, the focus is on the four shows that tops my list of episodes that is definitely a must watch in an order that ranges from the best ones on top. For the first time I have included the show, ‘Unforgettable’ in Rewind and Play. These are solely my views and if yours drastically differ from mine please feel free to drop a line in the comments section.

Touch Season 1.3 – ‘3287’
Star World India

The word awesome does not begin to describe the third episode of Touch. The thread that connects the first two episodes through the third and hopefully the rest of the series is beginning to appear and it touches the viewers beyond words. Jake repeatedly refers to number 3287 and Bohm religiously follows where it leads. This time he bumps into a vagabond who is similar to Jake in trying to ease the pain of people with unresolved issues around the world through numbers. Together they help plaintiffs who lost their investments due to fraud to take the defrauding company to court.  The cryptic codes the invisible prince, Walter King leaves in his conversation with Bohm is worth mentioning.

The threads – The travelling phone with videos from across the world (from Episode 1) reaches a girl who is stood up while on a rendezvous with a guy she meets online making her laugh out loud despite her disappointment. She in turn makes a man smile even after losing an online dance competition to a 10-year-old boy, the brother of a woman who garners the support of local women to make a noise to save a friend from her abusive husband.

Mystery unsolved – In the previous episode, we saw Jake leave a colored imprint of his hands on the door of Room 6 of his facility. The mystery deepens when Jake once again squats in front of the presumably unoccupied room and sends a toy car into the room from beneath the door. When it does not return he screams at the top of his lungs in pain and calms down only when the car whirs back outside making us wonder if the room is really empty.

Another mystery surrounds the schizophrenic missing mother of Clea Hopkins. The clues in this episode let us imagine if her mother is prone to feel deeply about numbers and their reflections on the world as Jake does.

Person of Interest Season 1.5
Star World India

The machine that detects future crimes throws up the name of a Judge, Samuel Gates and it is up to Reese to figure out the end game involving the judge. Having lost his wife to cancer recently, he lives with his only son Sam who is kidnapped by men threatening the judge to throw a hit and run case involving Angela Markham. Reese and Finch race against time to find out how a woman working at a tech company is involved with organized crime. When the larger plot emerges, it is clear that neither the judge nor his son will be left alive. Reese unearths incriminating evidence against the cartel on time and saves the day.

This episode is particularly interesting as we get to see Reese’s determination to find the judge’s son even if it places him at risk of coming under law’s radar. Soft at heart with a rough exterior, Reese wins the judge’s confidence but the judge makes it clear that he will not be able to do help Reese when the time comes. The ever-optimistic Reese reads between the lines and assures Finch that the judge will come through for them on a later date.  Paranoid and ever-cautious Finch disagrees. As a viewer, I feel the judge will reciprocate in kind.
Missing Season 1.5
Star World India

The plot thickens and widens further with the revelation that Paul Winstone is not only alive but an integral part of his son’s kidnapping. Becca feels the tug of wanting to believe her husband’s innocence yet looking for clues that could probably implicate him as an agent gone rogue as the CIA claim.  She has no choice but to work under the radar of Dax Miller and his team even though they suspect her of being involved with her husband’s schemes.

Paul leaves a trail of cryptic yet familiar clues for Rebecca to follow. The clues are explained in bite-sized bits of flashbacks when they were a family. With the help of her lover turned ‘friend in need’ GianCarlo of Interpol, she outwits the Bank and the CIA in retrieving the contents of a locker that Paul hides in the bank for her to find. It holds the shares of a company and deeds to a castle. When they locate the place that holds the key to the puzzle, they find it rigged with wires set to explode. Predictably, Becca refuses to run to safety and tries to stop the impending blast.

Meanwhile, Michael and Oksana realize that he will be duly shifted to another place and Oksana urges Michael to escape without her, as she is insulin dependent. Michael finds a tunnel that may lead to freedom but on the verge of escape finds himself turning back to help and convince Oksana to leave with him.

Unforgettable Season 1.5
Star World India

There are times when we subconsciously take in our surroundings and register it deep in our minds. From time to time these moments that we would have barely noticed then comes back to us as memories. But hardly anyone can remember every little thing. In the crime drama ‘Unforgettable’ Carrie Wells, a homicide police detective is gifted to play on these unusually detailed memories to help solve murders in her city.

Carrie Wells is diagnosed with a rare medical condition called hyperthymesia where she has ability to visually remember everything. But the one thing she cannot remember is the day/events surrounding her sister’s murder years ago. She joins the Queens Homicide unit when her former boyfriend and partner, Lt. Al Burns requests her help in solving a case.

This week, the case falls closer to the department when one of the cops, Jim Kelly who happens to be Al’s best friend gets killed. To make matters worse Internal Affairs suspect Kelly of being corrupt and dig into every file connected with him. Al with Carrie’s ability to ‘remember’ the minutest of details catches the killer, a fellow cop and also clears Kelly’s name.

‘Unforgettable’ is based on an interesting premise with a new case every week. The way she taps into her memory for details makes for an interesting watch. The common thread is the unsolved murder mystery of Carrie’s older sister and the resultant feelings that she still has for Al.

It is fun catching up on these shows on a regular basis and sharing my views on them with everyone. If you feel I have missed out on a show that is truly worth watching according to you, let me know.

Catch you on the other side of the week with more reviews! Keeping watching!

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