NBTNMKK: Scattered Thoughts on the Road Ahead!

Being an avid viewer of Na Bole Tum and having written several articles on the respective characters and the story, I felt that today is the best time to speak my mind out regarding the upcoming track.

“Mrs. Vyas aur Mohan ki Kahani”….yes this tag line in the initial promos is what intrigued me to know more about the show and eventually watch it. The fact that the female protagonist is a widow with two kids, living with her conservative in-laws in Indore, and who during the course of the story will fall in love with a carefree bachelor is what made the love story an unconventional one for me.

Mrs. Vyas as a character gripped my attention from the word go. Unlike Renu, she is not loud and aggressive, but she is not meek either. Despite her family being her priority, I fell in love with the mother in her, the day she stood up for her decision to work for the well-being of her children. I took pride in her as a woman the day she slapped Rastogi for misbehaving with her and humiliating her husband, the man she loves and holds in high regards. As much as I admired her strength of character to live life against all odds, I equally felt her void in her moments of silence whenever she missed Amar. Her vulnerability touched the deepest chords of my heart. 

While lately a lot of people are upset with Megha, for being oblivious to both Prateek’s bad intentions and Mohan’s goodness, I completely understand her point of view. Women are termed as emotional beings since we think from our heart which more than often prompt us to trust people easily. While the heart at times shows us the right path, there are times when it misleads us too.

Megha is no different. Being a woman she has the basic traits that rule her heart and mind too. She initially trusted Rastogi, but soon got a glimpse of his true intentions. She also had no reasons not to trust Mohan then, who unfortunately due to unavoidable circumstances was unable to live up to it, and she neither has any reasons as of now to not trust Prateek, more so when he happens to be her best friend’s husband. Its easy to gauge the intention of a man like Rastogi but then in the real world species like Prateek are more in number. Even if one goes through the real time crime stories of molestations and sexual assaults, one will realise that they are more commonly practiced by people who are closely associated with the victim. Anyways I will not dwell on this any further, since I am convinced with Megha’s actions.

However what I wish to ponder upon is her forthcoming “REACTIONS” and this is how I would like to visualise the upcoming episodes.

Whatever I understand of Megha, the dark side to Prateek’s character will be a shocking revelation for her . However I would want to see a strong woman in her who stands up for her honour and dignity and teaches Prateek a rightful lesson for life without Mohan’s help.  
Thereafter I would also like to see Megha’s turmoil back home as she thinks of Prerna’s well being and how she would break the news to her best friend. She should also think of how to stay back at home without letting out the truth to her family because I am definitely not expecting her to resume work the next day. I would further like to see her get vulnerable when alone and talk to Amar and vent out her frustration and pain for making a wrong judgement and tell him how much she misses his guidance.  I want her to confess to Amar that despite Mohan repeatedly warning her she paid no heed to him.

Tonight’s episode is extremely important not only for Megha’s character but also for Megha and Mohan’s relationship because this is “the” incident that will restore her trust and confidence in Mohan and will take their relationship to a new level. The CVs must play on the psychological aspect of Megha and not make her character look shallow. They should slowly build up the track in such a way where Mohan is shown getting restless since he is unable to reach out to Megha after making every effort but understands the impact the incident has had on her and finally one fine morning he is pleasantly surprised to see her at his door step and we viewers can get our much awaited “Sorry” moment from Megha. It would be the first such moment when she would confide her thoughts to Mohan.

As per my understanding, this would be a more logical progression of the story and would ensure character consistency.  Nonetheless I would also love to hear what my fellow friends have to say about the upcoming track.

So please come forward and speak your mind out! 

Swati Ghosh


  1. Totally agree with you. Even i want Megha to stand up to prateek, without the help of Mohan and become a bechari. If that happens, for the first time I would be proud as if like passing an important exam. It is very important that the love story progressess at its pace and doesnot get itself involved in the TRP race. TRP mata ka ghanta mat bajana please. Hope it doesn't turn into another Bade ache or kuch toh log kahenge

  2. Sorry in my last post what i meant was, she stands upto prateek and not become a bechari

  3. Swati! I am anxiously waiting for today's episode. I want Megha to be strong and teach that creep a lesson without Mohan's help! I am looking forward to see how Megha apologizes to Mohan. I want to see a conversation between Mohan and Megha!....

    It was really hard to for me to understand Megha since the last a couple of episodes - i was literally getting annoyed with her. I hope we are in for a nice surprise :)

    AP - Ananya Patel

  4. wow swati ji dis is once again an awesome one..i agree wid u.. v definitely want megha to teach him a lesson and trust mohan just d way nanhi trusts him..

  5. Nicely scripted one....! Waiting for the characters to become fresh once again..!!

  6. So the episode nd I would say I am still proud of the show

  7. awesome swati ...beautifully penned down ...and doubletreat of today's episode too...i am loving being here with u all frnds and sharing our common love 4 NBT ..:)

  8. Amisha here.
    sun naa yaar beautiful article :D i love NBT so much. thank you and pleej Aaise lovely lovely likhte rahna always.

  9. oh wow one more article from u........
    asusual awesome written Swati :) .................
    m agree with ur few of points........like whatever u said abt Megha's point of view............... but few things i have my point......... first is just being ur best frnd's hubby doesn't give u any reason to trust on him............... m ok with trust but blind trust, that was something i didn't expect from megha.......but she did..........in today's epi when she came to know abt pertik she had the flashback of all incidenst with pertik............. i think the way pertik behaving was, no-one need any proof to understand his intentions............. and later when Mohan warned her she didn't give a single thought to it. that was so not of Megha......... but as they say all's well that ends well :)
    so m more than happy that cv's did a fab job...........there were no melodrama and rona-dhona.........
    now for the future track as u said i too want Megha to teach a gud lesson to pertik.......... and as far as it concrned to her job i dont want her to leave it as i want to see strong Megha who will not leave her job but everyday face pertik and make him realise that she is not his personal property........ more over i want Mohan - Megha to blackmail pertik so this way he might be stay away from Megha.......and yeah an apology m too expecting as Megha always insulted Mohan & this time she knows that he's the 1 who wants her gud..........so ek sorry to banti hai boss ;)
    its just my pov , on offence to anybody :)

    Khushpreet (Khushi) :) :) :)

  10. Nice article. You've raised all our concerns & presented both the sides of the coin. The episode was fabulous. There was no melodrama but the suspense was nail biting. The last part was very good. Even in such a serious situation CVs managed to bring a comic touch. The way mohan accidentally gives megha's own hanky to her was funny & mohan's expressions were hilarious. Aisa lag raha tha ki ab toh pakde gaye...but megha didn't paid attention to the hanky.
    The execution of the entire episode was awesome and expressions of both kuanl & akanksha were superb.

  11. Lovely post!!
    Just one correction, it is not CVs, CV was first used when we referred to the production house 'Cine Vistas'.
    U could use CT instead, for 'Creative Team'...
    do let me know if u meant some other full form for CV :)


    1. Hi Div, thank you for liking the article :) Well by CV I meant the creative team and thank you for putting it forth. Going forward I will use CT to refer to the creative team :) Thanks a bunch!! ~ Swati

  12. Swati - i watched yesterday's episode after a gap and loved it...
    Mohan (Kunal) is really good....
    I am warming up to Megha....used to find her expresion-less first, but I have seen her in your video interview and realize she is playing it down for her role in this serial..

    Waiting to see the story move forward towards fixing the wrong judgement against Mr. Vyas!

  13. awww Aww Swati you amazing ...:-)
    you said all ..,totally agree with you...!
    The episode was fabulous. There was no melodrama but the suspense was nail biting. The last part was very good.

    Sofiya here :)

    NBT rocks <3

  14. Nice article from u Swathi . i love NBT so much. thank for d .Last day episode was fabulous. There was no melodrama. The last part was very good. Kunal and megha expression were good

  15. Puloma Mitra(polly)April 6, 2012 at 6:54 PM

    thanx for the article swati.had this show belonged to any other PH, pata nahi phir humlogo ko kya dekhne ko milta, so that way it was indeed a pleasant surprise for us, specially the comic touch with the hankies was really adorable . coming to the forthcoming track, megha talking to amar and confessing her blunder regarding both mohan & prateek is okay, but for the rest, i agree with what khushpreet(khushi) has said, there is a hell lot difference between trust and blind trust and just because you know a person or are related to him in some way, doesnt mean you would trust him blindly, specially when another person warns you everytime, indirectly and directly.. after all, megha is a 28yrs old lady and a mother of two kids, she isnt a teenager to make such mistakes, so that way her obliviousness to prateek is indeed unthinkable.

    and i definitely want her to be strong and brave and join work immediately next day, as an indication of her new found trust on Mohan , more as a friend than just a colleague, and to make Prateek realise that his pervert ways wont be able to break down megha so easily. i certainly dont want her to sit back at home and cry like a " abla naari " sort of woman, she certainly isnt that type of lady. she might miss amar's guidance, but she soon needs to realise that she can seek mohan's guidance as well, i want to see her grow emotionally strong enough to face the world better under mohan's guidance.

    1. Hi Puloma, thank you for reading the article and further penning down your thoughts. Trust me I too want to see Megha go back to Prabhat Laher and face Prateek with her head held high.

      However, I just felt that such unpleasant incidents does put a person in a state of shock momentarily and she needs sometime to gather her thoughts and fight back. We all feel devastated when what we believed in only turns out to be an illusion. And in this case its even more, since megha paid no heed to Mohan's warnings. Her decision to trust Prateek turned out to be fatal.

      Hence I felt that she should take sometime to retrospect things and then decide on the future course of action. Apart from apologising to Mohan, it would be wonderful if she has a heart to heart conversation with him wherein she confides her thoughts in him for the first time. I definitely do not wish to see an abla Megha either :)~ Swati

  16. I would like to start by saying Thank you Swati Ghosh for this article. And secondly this show is amazing, great story, awesome direction, love the chemistry between all the actor. I love this show with all my heart and my wish for this show will get on no.1 position as soon as possible. This is the only show I watch. I would like to see this show grow and be more successful than any other show because it deserve it. But I hope that this show doesn't turn like all the other show we have on all the channels. My best wishes for this show, and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK GUYS and last but not the least.

  17. kunal love you sooooooooo much

  18. megha u looking so nice

  19. Hi my self Hiral rana
    ye story bahut bahut achhi hai.
    Is story k writer ko dil se salute.
    I realy like this serial. very nice.
    Na bole tum na maine kuch kaha.

    From: Hiral rana

  20. Swati such an awesome article.... m in love wid da concept f dis story...love mohan megha.... n love u swati:) keep it up............

  21. yo guys but i think these channel ppl have killed have seriously killed our hopes man .............. i don want them to cancle this show ............ i luv nbt from mY heart

    1. HardcoreNBTianForeverNovember 3, 2014 at 11:45 PM



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