Must Watch Shows

Amrit Manthan
Life OK,8.30 pm

Amrit agrees to marry Agam,Mahi Malik's son, but what she doesnt know is that he is none other than her arch enemy who had thrown her off the parapet in their first meeting.Will she fall prey to his vengeance? Keep watching Amrit Manthan on life OK.

Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha
Colors, 10.30

After a gruelling day of humiliation by Megha's boss, Mohan tries to calm Mrs Vyas by supporting her in this ordeal. Mohan and Megha share a quite moment together . Megha apologises to Mohan for mistrusting him and calls it a truce.Can we hope for a new beginning?Lets wait and watch .


  1. love nbtnmkk. lovely show, guys its definitely a must watch.

    1. this is my favourite show too. it is a great show.

  2. NBTNMKK..I really look forward to it nowadays.It's getting an interesting watch.

  3. I really loved Friday's episode. Mohan-Megha scene at dhaba was very nice & well-scripted & executed. I also liked Mohan-Nanhi scene. Anshoor surpassed Kunal in that scene. Now I really want kunal & anshoor's interview... & also want to know was kunal's reaction to anshoor's mimicry was real?... both did a fantastic job in that scene.

  4. Too good.guys keep it up.wish to see megha in other dresses also apart from Saree.


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