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Tum Dena Saath Mera
Life Ok

When Abhilasha tries to wake Manan up, she realises that he has fever. She gets very anxious and calls Manan’s mother. She tries to stop him from going to work, but Manan insists that he has to go to office.
Later, Manan tells Ria on phone that he is sick and won’t be able to come to work. Ria gets worried about him and says that she wants to come to his home to see him. Manan panics and starts hiding all signs of his married life. He also sends Abhilasha away. When Ria comes, she meets everyone and talks to Manan and his family. Just as Ria is leaving the house, Abhilasha sees her and recoginizes her. Will Abhilasha reveal Manan’s lie?Keep watching Tum Dena Saath Mera on life OK.

Main Lakshmi Tere Angan Ki
Life Ok,9.40 pm

Lakshmi checks into a Five star hotel in Mumbai and as a result she is ve4ry excited.On the other hand Saraswati and Vishal are in a budget hotel and this makes Vishal slightly disheartened.

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