International News Roundup – (INR April 2nd-8th)

Razzies take center stage in last week’s news and a CBS legend passes away at the age of 93. Read on to take a quick look at what happened last week.

Kevin Arnold of Wonder Years back to Television with ‘Best Friends Forever’

Kevin Arnold and his years growing up on the popular television show in the 80’s are still fresh in our minds. Why would’nt it be? ‘Wonder Years’ is very much a part of our television schedule even today. Fred Savage who played Kevin Arnold unlike other child actors disappeared from the industry and grew up away from the limelight. He graduated from Stanford and is now making a comeback to television with his debut as the Director and Executive Producer of a sitcom, ‘Best Friends Forever’. It is a show about a woman in her early 30’s, played by Lennon Parham and her best friend and former roommate (Jessica St.Clair) who gets divorced and moves back into their old apartment that they once shared. Only now, Lennon shares her apartment with her boyfriend (Luka Jones). The show focuses on the relationship entanglement between the three with lots of humor and love.

‘60 minutes’ News Legend Mike Wallace dies at 93

Myron Leon ‘Mike’ Wallace with his iconic brazen style of interviewing was the original correspondent and heart and soul of CBS’ hit news show, 60 minutes’ since its debut in 1968. He was an American journalist par excellence having interviewed several prominent newsmakers during his successful career spanning over sixty years. He won his 21st Emmy recently at the age of 89 for his Interview of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He passed away surrounded by family and friends at the age of 93 after battling a long illness. CBS will broadcast a special program dedicated to Wallace on “60 minutes” next Sunday, April 15.

Adam Sandler, ‘Jack and Jill’ sweep Razzie Awards 2012, Set Record

Golden Raspberry Award or sweetly shortened Razzie is awarded in recognition of the worst talent in filmdom. The winners (Losers) are chosen by a panel of 650 members of the Golden Raspberry Foundation and 35,000 ballots on Rotten Tomatoes. The 34th Razzie awards 2012 held in California on the April Fools’ Day honored one movie in particular, “Jack and Jill” starring Adam Sandler. It won all the ten Razzies for the worst film and performance of the year setting a new record in the process making ‘Jack and Jill’ the first film to win every award in the ceremony in 32 years. Even Al Pacino who made a cameo in the movie was presented with a Razzie.

Stephen Hawking guest stars in The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory, one of the coolest nerd sitcoms in the history of television scored their biggest victory when they landed their dream guest star Stephen Hawking on their show this Thursday. In the episode, the 70-year-old British physicist who is paralyzed by motor neuron disease and only speaks through a computer-generated voice synthesizer gets to compliment Sheldon on his thesis paper after Howard subjects Sheldon to humiliating acts before he lets him meet his hero. The ratings for this episode featuring Stephen Hawking as the guest star skyrocketed several notches higher than the ratings for American Idol, which has been left behind in the ranks by the big bang theory for a while now.

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