In Between the Lines with Barun Sobti and Akshay Dogra!!-Video

You have seen them goofing around on the sets having loads of fun with one another. The rapport Barun Sobti and Akshay Dogra of Is Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon share  is something that everyone knows about. But what was interesting to note about these two incredibly funny men is the fact that, Barun and Akshay as light-hearted as they appear, are equally serious and grounded when it comes to love and relationships in their lives. 

Riddhi Dogra, Akshay's sister insists their respective wives have given up on them since Barun and Akshay end up spending most of their time in each other's company! 

Barun jokingly tells us their wives have even refused to see their interviews together since they are that crazy!A quick session with them and you will know what we mean. Watch this for yourselves and decide!

We will look forward to your feedback and comments on the same!

Niharika Vidya Sagar


  1. This was SO SO amazing Niharika! Man, these two are so so down to earth man!

    Can you do a SaRun segment or a Sanaya-Barun-Akshay segment or the entire cast segment? It be awesome to watch.

  2. This was awesome! :)

    They are both so simple and sweet and not to mention funny. Great segment. Thanks. :)

    1. Indeed, their sense of humour is unique! :)

  3. Gosh, I totally loved this segment! Thank you so much! These two are just awesome! Their answers were fantastic. Totally love their views on relationships/love.
    Thank you so much once again for the wonderful interview! You guys are doing a fabulous job. 1000x better than all the SBS stuff!

  4. Fabulous! love these two.

  5. Anonymous, Jenny and Rae,

    Thanks alot people for the wonderful feedback! We are thrilled you enjoyed it!!!


  6. Absolutely fantastic.. both of them are a riot for sure ... :D

  7. agreed with all those comments above! simple yet substantial segment! so funny :) keep up the good work guys!

  8. super.... thanks for this....

  9. Wow these two are just so simple and honest and so funny too, you can clearly see the bond they share, love them! Very funny when they start rambling too lolz!

    Can you please do a similar seg on SaRun or SaRun with Akshay too, they all have such cute offscreen masti, it'd be a blast :)


  10. i just loved your segment i mostly agreed to there answers . they described love & relation ship very well

    Ps they are too funny together
    thx for the interview

  11. cute...i love listening to dere individual love stories..its very inspiring...barun stayed away frm pashmeen for 5 yrs and akshay 6 yrs....while akshay's partner was still in the same country , barun's wife was far away in australia, and still he stuck on to her and married her i guess d moment she returned..ha ha..:D dats why i love barun sobti, we dont find such men in d real world...where were u darling...:P
    and big thank u to rangmunchh..i always wait for barun n akshay's interviews, specially of barun;s..being a massive fan oh his..dis was a treat 4 my mundane monday..mwaahhh mr.sobti..U ROCK !!!! n does rangmunch ..:) cheers !!!

  12. and wohooo !!!! for d 1st tym barun mentions his wife's name..not dat we didn't knw earlier but he never mentions her name, n its all d tym.."my wife or meri biwi"..:P but "by chance" he says .."pashmeen"..hehe, n den quickly followed his usual..'my wife' line ...yaarrrr..kahan miltey hain aise cute cute loyal humble sexy ladkey...gotta raid delhi now !!!!!

  13. Thank you so much

    These two are so funny and honest, loved it.

  14. Thanks! Lovely interview -- just loved what they had to say. It was different from the usual run of the mill stuff - so refreshing.

    Great job. Please do more of these with perhaps with Sanaya and Barun?

  15. thanks for the interview!!! loved it!!!<3<3<3

  16. Thank you so much Niharika & Swati for this great interview. I love both of them. Such professionalism and great sense of humor.

    Love you guys.

  17. Hey thanks Rangmunch. This was fantastic. A well conducted, crisp interview that really brought out their personalities. I really like Akshay Dogra's personality and acting - he is simply amazing in portraying Akash who is so different from him.. and Barun is of course fabulous as Arnav. I hope Akshay gets some more meaty roles - he deserves it all.
    These two came out as complete boys ! thanks for your good work...

  18. pakistani lover of barun

    barun plz cumback soon
    i cant w8 anymore...
    miss u SOoooooooooooooo much

  19. they are really amazing ..wish i had a Boyfren like Barun who is soo loyal ..t wud hav been so nice to marry ur childhood him soo much..I like Akshay as well..

  20. aaaaahhhhhh
    i loved their interview
    whenever i feel low i just watch their segment
    they are so funny & cute
    they really love their partners


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