I, Me, Myself - Kunal Karan Kapoor! (First Part)

“What you see is what you get.” Yes that is what we felt when we met this actor in person.

Kunal Karan Kapoor, who essays the character of Mohan Bhatnagar in Na Bole Tum on Colors, is one of the most sought after actors today on small screen. With his unconventional looks, carefree attitude and brilliant acting skills, he has created a niche for himself and has won the hearts of one and all.

We also asked his fans to pen down a phrase that best describes “Kunal - the Person” and we were amazed at the responses we received at such short notice. We have included few of the best responses in this first part of his interview.

Yash Patel (Fan): “A crystal clear person, but reflects innumerable spectrum of emotion.”
Rangmunch: One thing you are grateful for in life?

Kunal: Hmmm….My dog! Infact there are lots of things am grateful for but right now, it’s ‘NBTNMKK’

Rangmunch: One thing that is missing in your life at the moment?

Kunal: (pauses a while) A big ass TV!

Rangmunch: How big?

Kunal: (Laughs out loud) Like a really big TV! But then I don’t have time to see TV…one thing really missing in my life right now is my dog. I really miss him. He is in a dog boarding because he is old, someone needs to be around him to take care of him, and I cannot take care of him right now at this stage. I wish I could get him on the sets but he has become a little violent so its not possible. I really miss him.

Rangmunch: What according to you is your greatest asset?

Kunal: Hmm..hmmm. I haven’t really thought about it. What would you say is my greatest asset? (He starts laughing as he throws the question back at us)
(After giving it a lot of thought) I am very impulsive. It’s really not an asset but inadvertently I end up doing what I really want to do.

Rangmunch: What do you need to change about yourself?

Kunal: (Pat comes the reply) I need to quit smoking.

Rangmunch: And how many times have you tried?

Kunal: Never!

Rangmunch: They say once a smoker always a smoker.

Kunal: (Smiles) I don’t know about that. I heard once an actor always an actor.

Roshni Pandey (Fan): “A person with a sharp and pointed nose which defines him as a straight forward person in his career, life and relationships. From my point of view this is more than enough to describe Kunal as a person.”

Rangmunch: Do you judge others?

Kunal: Ahhhhh!!! (Starts laughing) Yeeeeee No! (bursts out laughing)

Rangmunch: And you are lying!

Kunal: (Smiles) Ofcourse I am. Aahmm. Yes, but I tell myself don’t! Because it is not nice, someone would be judging me. Honestly, I end up making a fool of myself at least 10 times a day and I think 9 times has been during this interview.

Rangmunch: Are you possessive by nature?

Kunal: Very possessive about my books, DVD’s, my X Box games and my laptop.

Rangmunch: You are a gadget freak! You are possessive about all the non-living things.

Kunal: (Smiles sheepishly) Give me a break, I live alone. I don’t have anyone to be possessive about.

Rangmunch: One person you would want to say sorry to?

Kunal: I can’t remember anyone right now. I would like to say sorry to my dad, because I don’t talk to him often.

Rangmunch: Who is your greatest critic?

Kunal: Myself. My friends don’t watch the episode with me because am too critical and they just walk out telling me to watch it by myself.

Rangmunch: Your first crush?

Kunal: (without missing a beat) Second Standard, my class monitor!

Rangmunch: Do you remember her name?

Kunal: (Grins) I do but I won’t take her name.

(As told to Swati Ghosh & Niharika Vidya Sagar)

The interview is not over yet. Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!!! Do come back to read the second half of this interview which we will put up soon. 

Also please find below the link to Kunal Karan Kapoor's official fan page on Facebook.  

Hope to see you soon!!!

Edited by:
Navyanka Varma
Neeraja Unni 


  1. Thank you RM for the wonderful interview!..Keep em' coming :)

    1. Thx a lot for the interview RM ! I'm a big time Mohan fan :)
      Kunal, sun na... u r awesome as monu ! Perfect expressions and crisp dialogue delivery!!
      btw..u have chashma in all ur pics.. but not in NBT, contacts ??

    2. "I live alone"-Kunal...take a look at your facebook page..you have vote,support& love of close to 5000 fans,this will assure you that you are living with thousands of your Fans!!Gud interview but too short.

  2. KUNALLLLLLL...we love u so much ..u are awesome and if u was not there MOHAN won't be possible..:D
    thanks a lotttttt swati ...thank u soo much .:)

  3. interesting! waiting for d next part. thank u RM

  4. beautiful article thanx alot rangmunch

  5. OMG!!!!!Wow,this is truly an amazing interview....Please post the next part soon...I'm truly in lurve with the character he's portraying in NBTNMKK..He fits in as Mohan Bhatnagar so easily and in real life,he seems so full of life and energy...

    Thanks Swati and Niharika!!!


  6. Thanks you so muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh RM for lovely interview <3

    kunal darling i loved your all Answers :)
    wow he is actually quite similar to mohan since he doesn't talk to his dad often and even in the serial...and you is sooo honest you missing you Dog ohhhhhhhh
    my fav Ans of your i need to quit smoking
    how many times have you tried?

    you Ans "NEVER "LMAFO
    well darling you lok Sexyy in smoking Post's :P
    Second Standard, my class monitor
    awww i wish... i was in your Class monitor :P
    you simple Amazing Love ya kunal keep rocking in NBT <3

    thanks onve again for awesome Interview RM :D

  7. Amisha here.
    nice interview kunal is very honest person.. sun na yaar keep rocking:)

  8. Hi RM - Ananya Patel here!
    Thank you for the wonderful Interview and will be waiting for the next one..KKKKKKK - i love you!!

  9. Loved the interview....kunal is soo similar to monu in sooo many aspects and loved the honest and spontaneous answers...thank u RM..waiting for part 2 :D

  10. Interesting interview, thanks RM bunch ;))
    Swati good going babes ;))

  11. Loved your answers Kunal, subtle n staright forward. Madly in love with your character. Keep up the good work :) . Thank you Swati for wonderful interview. :D

  12. Nice interview. Thank you Rangmunch for such a lovely interview. I really like kunal's acting... But I would request him to quit smoking.

  13. heelo maria khan here thanx alot rangmunch for a wonderful interview . kunal you are the best actor of telly world i am in love with mohan bhatnagar <3

  14. Thank you for a wonderful interview!! waiting for the next part..Kunal seems to be very straight forward person and honest. He definitely has streaks of Mohan in him. An amazing actor, but at the same time very humble too.
    Kunal, thanks for making the character Mohan so close to our hearts..it is just because of your great talent! and may you reach to greater heights of success in your life!!
    and please quit smoking :)

  15. Thanks Rangmunch for such a wonderful interview!

    Kunal, loved all your answers...such honesty is really rare, you know! Aww at hearing about your first crush ;) Very cutee! Glad to know about you being a gadget freak and possessive about them...same as me! :D

    Thanks a ton for playing Mohan so phenomenally! I bet no one on this earth could play it with so much ease and perfection like you do! You totally live the character! Believe me, Mohan Bhatnagar is truly very close to my heart! I consider him as a guy next door or my best fictional pal...thanks to you for making the character real!

    Only wanna say.. Stay 'Random' as you always are and be proud of it! Never change for anyone, always keep the smile on your face and if possible, quit smoking...i know its not easy but SUNNA...try karne mein kya buraai hai :D Always remember that no matter what happens, we love you and Mohan and will forever do! :D

  16. Oh doesn't he make you grin like a Bobcat! For me Kunal's greatest asset - given first impressions that are lingering on - is spontaneity. Not just "impulse" in action, which he duly confesses, but just the spontaneity of response/reflex - it makes him such an agreeable and easy to connect with person, through mere interviews!

    Kunal, you far underrate yourself as an actor (wrt IF interview). Subjectively with reference to Mohan, you've struck gold - and us, a diamond in you! Mohan forms the epicenter of the entertainment blast that is NBT - and you are primarily to credit for bringing this character to life!

    ps: Only this morning I saw a couple shots of you with Mr. Oliver Kapoor. Can I please, please steal him away for a holiday? He looks ADORABLE! My random bias - he reminds me starkly of the way I pictured Timothy to be all those years ago in elementary school, when living off re-re-re-reading Famous Fives was the highlight of my day. It made me throw a tantrum to get my first ever dog, te he!
    Anyway - so if dear Olly doesn't mind some perpetual snow on the sidewalks, I solemnly promise to be the best dog-sitter ever! Can already hear Nemo (my own dog) woof-ing his approval to the idea of company! =D


  17. Thank u so much rangmunch....

  18. Puloma Mitra (polly)April 5, 2012 at 12:28 PM

    first of all, a huge thanx to Swati & Niharika for bringing us this amazing interview, do post the second part soon !!

    gosh i'm going to treasure this interview forever. the more i see mohan bhatnagar on screen and read kunal's interviews on Rangmunch & India-Forums, the more i wonder, how come this guy be so similar to me yaar ?? waise the biggest thing to be noticed here, kunal is so honest, frank and straight-forward in his replies, no diplomatic or politically correct answers at all !! love you for this kunal, hope you reduce your daily amount of ciggie smoking ( i wont say quit coz i know it's not possible for regular smokers to quit entirely ) and keep entertaining us as mohan .

    Love you & take care.

  19. Wow! Thanks for this awesome interview...! Kunal, u r just so very awesome in replying everything....:)
    May God bless you & have a blessed life. Our best wishes are always with you.....!

  20. Thanks a lot Swati Ghosh & Niharika Vidya Sagar for dis wonderful interview.. ur such an awesome actor,and oliver looks sooooooooo cute.Ur d best and u definitely deserve an award and am sure u will..god bless u.. v all love u and hope tat u to quit smoking.. :)


  21. I'm seriously loving his character in the show. I never thought that I'll be so crazy about any other character after Cpt. Rajveer & Maan's character. His acting is very natural. Thanks RM for giving us such a nice interview. I wish luck for his future & request him to quit smoking ... at least he should try.

  22. Aww....Kunal Love u yaarrr...U really rock the show....Stay blessed.....

  23. wow...........swati....thanxxxxx a lot... dis interview z supaab... love u loadz...n karan tooo:)

  24. Today's episode was awesome, brilliant work guys :)

  25. Awesum interview n yesterdays episode was juz superb... :)

  26. kunal u r awesome n a brilliant actor ur style of saying "a sunna" is wonderful.i just love ur voice my ears r egar to listen this i just LOVE U DARLING.

  27. Thanks for the fabulous interview, Swati and Niharika. You both rock! Thru his interviews, Kunal comes across as someone with a lot of humility. Like the fact that he is so down-to-earth and chilled out in real life.

    Keep giving us an insight into his personality thru such interviews


  28. nyc intrvw..kkk i love ur show NBTNMKK...u doin grt job...keep it up ....lov ur acting soo much ...Allah bless u ....

  29. Amazing Answers.:D
    thanks you guys..

  30. I relish watching'Mohan Bhatnagar played by you, Kunal. I don't get time to watch it too often coz it features late at night. Many best wishes to you. You have become one of my favorite actors, coz you appear real on screen. Cheers! Wish you all the best. I don't watch serials often but I think you in NBTNMKH and Ram and Priya in BALH are awesome and a treat to watch! aristos! :)...keep up the good work, Kunal Karan Kapoor.

  31. Good work Rangmunch...:)
    n Kunal - at least try once 2 quit smoking...
    n yeah u r a good actor Kunal...:)

  32. Hi,
    Thanx Rangmunch Tv it was jus coz of u, we cud kno all
    his secrets.His crush is really vry lucky.Two yrs back
    we jus passed by eachothr, but unlucky me, cudnt stop
    him at dat tym. I still regret dat day.Anyways, dat
    was a fab interview.Wish u luck Kunal. And Rangmunch,
    eagerly waiting for part 2:)

  33. i love ur acting so much kunal ur smile i like it so much please always smile for me dear.

  34. my god!!!! kunal smokes...plz quit...
    well the interview is quite cool
    we love u kunal

  35. wonderful kkk.......love ur acting in nbt...u n aakanksha rock....looking forward for gr8 fun in nbt.all the best

  36. ur reaaaallllyyy awesome!!! hope u and akanksha get together <3 luv u both together

  37. Rock Kunal and AkankshaApril 21, 2012 at 10:41 PM

    A sun na you both are awesome & keep rocking go here and look my video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uVLa-o-Zvs0

  38. I am the greatest fan of kunal& akankshya.I hope you will stay together whole for the life. Best of luck.I love you.

  39. kunal ur amazing actor wish u good luck keep rocking in nbt

  40. mohan u r d coolest dudeof small screen..love ur attitd...u rock..<3

  41. Mohannnn tody u died in the show....u cnt imagine how upset I m right nw.......i really lovv u so much...n ur shw its rockng...n its nthng widout u....cm bck.....
    M quite relieved aftr reading this interview...u r here <3 alwz

  42. i love ur acting so much kunal dear

  43. love you kunal,miss you sooooooooooo much.........................................

  44. my mohan always cool

  45. mohan bhatnaghar and kunal both are same how intresting

  46. oh mohan i am from chennai i dont know hindi but when isaw nenjam pesude dub of nbt oh my god iam totally mad about u ur darishuing sach adarling ilove ur eyes hair smile nose what iay ilove everything ur just arockstar and kunal my na,me is vimal

  47. u r very smart pls will u marry me i am vimala

    1. soooooooooooooooooooooooo many r waiting in da queue my dear


  49. waiting for another Rocking interview with KKK....we all Kunalian missing him so much..love u Kunal plzzzzzz come back soon....

  50. Hai kunal how r u. UR a rockstar.

  51. Mohan (Kunal) Pls come to Chennai (Tamilnadu) This is my humble request. pls pls pls

  52. Is there a second part? If so, where?!

  53. I like you kunal kapoor. the way you talk, the way you speak, and every gesture of you. i am impressed by your acting talent. you look so smart and neat. i want you to come to act in south indian tv programs. of course language may the problem for you.but you dont worry about that . you have a lot of fans here. i hope you will act in nbtmkk season 3.

  54. kunal karan kapoor my sweetest sweatheart plz cum onscreen in whteva serial u lyk i m jst dyng 2 c u onscreen datz it U R JST SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ADORABLE my dear quit smoking kunal plzzzzzzz it damages ur health horribly nd ur fans cnt bear dat plz kunal plz plz plz plz

  55. Hi Kunal,
    Where are you? Missing you so much sir.... iam from tamil nadu. me and my children are the greatest fan of you sir.. my children love u a lot... pls come back soon on our tv screens.. eagerly waiting for you.. Love you so much sir.. and we pray for you to be healthy and happy always.. .. come back soon... pls pls plsssss......


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