Fan Story: Attaining Mahadev!!

What can be highest aspiration for a human being? Wealth, fame, glory, happiness or love? Think beyond that, take your mind and imagination to a higher plane. It may not be the first thing one thinks of when asked the question I raised, but surely there can be no more lofty achievement on any level, than ultimate union - that with the divine or Almighty, whatever form or manifestation you worship Him/ Her in?

An aspiration to achieve God is the central tenet of possibly all spiritual learning and longing alike. If we take Hinduism for example, the four pillars underpinning life's goals are those of "dharma" (duty or righteousness), "artha" (wealth), "kama" (desire) and finally, "moksha" (liberation). It is clear that the final objective automatically implies an eventual absorption within,or submission to, a higher power, as to be liberated not just from your physical body, but to fully free your entire spirit, you must be "released" from all mortal boundaries. The other three may also necessitate submission to God in one form or another to achieve, as many will seek to do their duty, obtain material riches or fulfil worldly desires by relying on prayer, religion or even simply by following some form of "karmic" (deeds oriented) ideology, all of which rely on some form or other of a belief system in a superior power.

What does this have to do with Devon ke Dev Mahadev, you may ask? To answer this, ask yourself what the show is really about. Yes, we can see that it is an epic love story, it is about mythology and some will say, even fiction; it teaches us moral lessons, it warns us not to be arrogant and to have faith. Indeed, it does all that and more, but its most subliminal symbolism lies in seeing beyond Sati's love and desire to attain Mahadev, and to equate it to the potential for EVERY human to attain God.

After all, is that not what Sati is trying to do? She is human, she is limited by her mortality and spiritual constraints. That is why there is a lot of focus on the recent track about her "yogyata" or suitability to be a bride to the most powerful of all Gods. This can, and possibly has been, misunderstood by some.

That was not a male diety being patronising to his (now) human but destined consort. It is simply a stark realisation that a human being, even one who was once "divine", such as Sati was, can be hemmed in by her mortal limitations. Sati is often described as being possessed of all qualities one can aspire to - she is righteous, dutiful, kind, beautiful, multi-talented, and loving. How can she be unsuitable? We are told she can, as her love is still egocentric, in the sense that she struggles due to her humanity to extend that to the level of universal love that Mahadev as God can dispense.

Mahadev himself understands that and knows that an attempt to unite with Sati whilst she is still trapped within those inevitable human desires and limitations, will lead to catastrophe for Sati herself.

We have here our epic love story as a more seemingly insurmountable obstacle is harder to imagine. If it was only opposition from Sati's father, no matter how vehement, that would be an external hardship to overcome, but again we are reminded that it is the internal battles one must fight and win, that stand between us and God more stoutly than extrinsic factors. We also have here, the hope that there is potential for a human (Sati here but it could be anyone?) to shed their impediments through challenging but yet achievable, tests or exertions.

I draw the parallel here for the potential for each of us to therefore be able to aspire to what appears almost unachievable - union with the divinity, whence we all come from and back to which we must aspire to return to, if we are to be free for once and all from all pain, suffering and to be able to merge back to the cosmos and its creator. Think also on the suggestion that it is not only through the desire for God that you can be finally released of all "desire" or attachment in itself, thereby paving the way for your own "moksha" or true liberation. Such liberation does not necessarily have to be through death- you can attain this state whilst being part of the living macrocosm.

Thank you once again to Life OK, Nikhil Sinha and the entire team of Devon ke Dev Mahadev for bringing us this important message of spirituality and ultimate hope through their wonderful show, which masquerades as a mythological drama, but is far more than just that. Also, thank you to our wonderful on-screen Shiv and Sati, Mohit Raina and Mouni Roy, for making us fall in love with them, and thus inspiring each of us in some way to try to seek our own God or divinity.

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  1. Nice article!!

  2. Beautiful Shru... the concept of attaining the divine.. we all dream of this, but how many actually pursue it? Thank u again for another fab article yet again :) And to think, this article was blessed by Mahadev himself :D The article combined with the magical tweet truly made my day wonderful... Thank u <3

  3. Again wonderfull job done ...along with DKDM team i should thank you and T for evoking that spiritual feel in me with your article ..reminded me of that amazing discussion on attaining god at our FC...Thanks for writing shru...Love !

  4. i am sooo loving this topic Shru ... ahhhhh ... if i could attain God?? never thought of this question before DKDM and the conversations the Mohit_FC had on twitter but now how can i not !!
    To start of with ... jus the thought of a human achieving a God (and not jus any God ... its Mahadev we're talking about) .... sends shivers down my spine....!!
    As rightly put but Shru .. after watching DKDM ... i cant help but believe that- yes ... there is a way ... !!
    and i feel an attachment to God ... to Mahadev like ive never felt before ...
    from the time ive started watching DKDM ... Shiv is on my mind 24x7 ... ofcourse credit for that goes to Mohit Raina whose doing such a fab job of portraying Mahadev ... its so realistic !!
    I dont know if ill ever b able to achieve God in this life ... but DKDM has definitely changed my life ...
    i feel a connection, a magnetism, an attraction, an indescribable feeling towards Lord Shiva ... like ive never felt before!!
    and it is so powerful .... i feel like i can speak to him !! i feel like hes with me ... ALWAYS!!
    and no matter what ... achievable or not ... i shall Love him ... for Life !! :D <3
    thanx Shru for ur truly wonderful article ... ur words make everything seem even more beautiful and true!!
    and ur articles truly get me thinking and thats what i love the most !! :D Will be waiting for ur next article :)
    Love always ... Mohit Raina !! <3

  5. Only the desire for God can make you get rid of Desire. How true ! DKDM has inspired so many lost young souls back towards spirituality. Shruti U have beautifully churned out the essence out of the attraction we feel towards this series. Specially since this article comes right after the last one in which we explored Mahadev's desirability. Behind all the earthly feelings, lies the ultimate quest of every living soul: attaining God. :) Thanks Shru!

  6. OMG..OMG..I Dont think I am even qualifies to post comment to such a precious article. .Wow Shruts only you could blend the depth of spirituality with our moat awesome show DKDM it is I am blank after watxhing the precap last night Mahadev sati holding hands & alone wohoo..! Sorry I am commenting so late..had guests..loads of them at home yaar issiliye..!loads of love -- Hema..!

  7. Very very nice article.. Pls keep writing more & more about our beloved Mahadev:-)

  8. Beautifully written.... Great job..Waiting for next monday:-)


  9. Wow!!amazing article Shruti have nothing to say!!u've done a great job eagerly waiting for next monday:)-sohini

  10. well written shruti, i hope ppl take time out of their busy lives to read this awsome article. i believe god lies in everyones souls they just need to find it, some can and some dont. Im so glad sati finally got her shiv.
    will be looking forward to ur next article.

  11. As usual Fab article shruti always loved ur's and tulika's articles, Whenever I have read your articles! Has inspired me to think about it.. the Spirituality and the divine power of God which i have never thought about it never feel abt it bt now I am feeling an attachment to God. Thanks Shruti
    gr8 work..waiting 4 ur next article


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