“Crime Patrol Dastak” Steps onto its 100th Episode!

It is the centenary episode of “Crime Patrol Dastak”, the show, which is aired on Sony TV, to create awareness among people, about unresolved criminality. In its endeavour to fight against corruption, the show has been very popular among the viewers and has been ranked among the 10 top ranking shows for a year. 

On Episode 100, the show will broadcast 10 stories, or “dastaks” which would deal with wrongdoings like eve teasing, domestic violence, extra marital affairs and such others, with which we are familiar in our daily lives.

Reports say that Episode 100 will be broadcast to honour those people who have risked their lives in their battle against corruption. This is indeed a great accomplishment for the show, which is devoid of the glamour quotient and the dramatic scenes, which other top ranking shows deal with. 

The show’s host, Anoop Soni gladly said, that he would be pleased to remain a part of it, in the coming ten years as well.

Congratulations to the entire team of Crime Patrol for successfully completing a century and we wish them many more in the days to come!

Edited by
Swati Ghosh 


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