Blast From The Past

TV produces many shows – some are remembered for many  years,  while some are forgotten in a blink of an eye and some, go  on to live for years. The memories, characters, scenarios still linger in our minds. Though we might not talk about it out loud but  once in a while we do look back to those days and cherish them.

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai, Kasam Se and Kutumb are few shows that are still remembered and cherished by people. The stories, the leads , their chemistries and dialogues between them  are what made these shows famous. People fondly recall those days and here is what few people have to say about these shows:                                                      
                                                            Yamini’s  on Kaise Yeh Pyar Hai
It has been ages since the show ended but there are certain things that still make me look back with a smile. What captured my attention was Nishant’s [Hiten] entry in the show.It completely caught my interest. He was a responsible disciplined and yet moody which was fun to watch. Eventually he fell in love with Kripa, [Neha]  loved her deeply and accepted her child! Loving such a person is not easy and I find that this was the best part in the story. He loved her the way she was, which I thought was very  impressively and sensitively handled . Not only that but he also understood Kripa and Angad’s pain, agony, their hate and love for each other. For me his character was the most memorable part of the show.

Sumaiya’s on Kasam se

I really liked the initial set up of three sisters coming to Mumbai. Each with a different personality. The one who dreamed of riches, was reduced to rags while the one who didn't became the queen. The best thing was the relationship between  Pia [Roshni Chopra] and her husband Pushkar [Naman Shaw].But what captivated me was Bani [Prachi Desi] and Jai’s [Ram Kapoor] equation with each other. Although there was no love initially between Bani and Jai ,what I loved was the way the creative’s graphed their relationship. Their trust and love for each other was a tale in itself,and  to me that made the show memorable

                                                            Zee_New’s view on Kutumb

I remember I saw them first in Kutumb and  even before their [Hiten and Gauri]lovetrack got a kick start  in the serial I just knew that  this Jodi was going to  rock. Pratham’s [Hiten] character was kind of rude, arrogant and a bit obnoxious but somehow I knew they would make one hot pair. More than the serial it was their never-ending love for each other that made the serial a memorable journey. I am a complete fan of Gauri and Hiten – be it on screen or off screen. I love them, their chemistry and their popularity. They never misused their popularity to get attention. I find them to be very simple unlike many others.

There are many more couples out there who are still remembered for their enthralling performances. We will talk about them in the coming days. Till then ,enjoy this article and share your views with us and let us know what you think.

Sneha Kothari




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