Amit Mallik talks about Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha!

When an life takes shape in a fetus, utmost attention is paid not just to the mother, but to the unborn. A concept or an idea is no different. Right from the time a maker conceives an idea, he cannot rest until the time he see's it take a final shape. A Series Director plays the most important role in the setting up of a Television Show. 

Amit Mallik, who has previously been associated with shows like Dil Mill Gayye, Baba Aiso Var Dhoondo, Shhh Koi Hai is calm, easy going and also extremely patient as an individual. It is not surprising why Seema and Sudhir of Sunshine Productions, chose the versatile Director to launch their baby Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha. After all, a Director most often reflects his own understanding of life, through this craft !

Even though Amit Mallik is no longer a part of the Na Bole team, but we at Rangmunch had the privilege to talk to him during the initial days and get his views on the show.

Rangmunch: As a Director what prompted you to take up a show like Na Bole Tum?

Amit Mallik: Well, previously whenever we have seen the life of a widow in small town or village on screen, they have always been shown in poor light and treated badly. The commonly propagated belief is that a widow has no life post her husband’s demise. In this show however, though the protagonist is a widow, she is shown in completely different light. She is a mother who is well supported by her father-in–law. She brings up her children with a lot of courage and dignity. The show seeks to convey a positive message to the audience.

Rangmunch: With kids having mood swings, how do you get Ashnoor (Nanhi) and Vishesh (Addu) to perform intense scenes?

Amit Mallik: Complan and Bounvita have made the kids sharper and smarter (laughs). I certainly believe in that. We just have to guide them and they understand the scene perfectly. Cut–cut kar ke samjhana padta hai unhe, Abhi royiye, abhi  hasiye. We have to set the atmosphere for them to understand and enact the scene. We keep talking to them about the scene and they eventually deliver as required.

Rangmunch: What is that one thing about your show that is different from others?

Amit Mallik: Na Bole tum is a slow paced story. We give a lot of importance to the daily chores of life in a normal Indore household. We have tried to capture the essence of simple life in a middle class family. If I have to talk of the Direction Style, we have kept the treatment very simple and realistic. You will not find over the top acting or theatrics. 

Rangmunch: In the show, will we get to see the typical Saas–Bahu drama?

Amit Mallik: Nahi, aise nahi hoga. Saroj (Megha’s mother-in-law) loves her grand children and will do anything for them. Only when the topic of Amar comes up, she feels had he married a simple girl and not Megha who hails from a rich family, Amar would have been content in a simple job and not aspire to be rich. So small instances remind her of Amar and in that regards she holds Megha responsible. There is no maliciousness on her part.

Rangmunch: Considering you were pitted against big-wigs in the 10:30 slot, what did you consider as your biggest challenge?

Amit Mallik: Taking up any new show is always a challenge. The most important thing is however to make a good start and get people to accept it. It is only then that our efforts pay off. The challenge also lies in how one looks at things. Just because we are pitted against shows like Bade Acche Lagte Hai or Pratigya in the same slot, that doesn't change the way I treat my show. You will not see moving trolleys and over emphasized gimmicks in this show. We pick scenes from real life and  the simplicity reflects on screen. I strongly believe, as long as you work hard, there is nothing else to worry about.

Rangmunch: What is your philosophy as a Director?

Amit Mallik: I usually direct 25 episodes of any show and then lose interest. I want to do more and more movies. Television is more of an actor’s medium and less of a Director’s. I want to venture into directing comedy, love story and horror flicks on big screen.

(As told to Swati Ghosh and Niharika Vidya Sagar)

Hope you guys are enjoying every bit of the Na Bole Tum interviews that we at Rangmunch are bringing on board.

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Edited by:
Navyanka Varma 


  1. hello can you tell me is he still directing show??

  2. maria khan here , thanx swati for amit interview i really wish he continued NBT , he is indeed fabulous director

  3. gr8 interview n video... keep them coming! :)

  4. Thanks RM for such a nice interview & video. Now I'm simply obsessed with this show & it's not only me who likes it ... even my entire family loves this show very much. The simplicity of characters, dialogues & the execution of the scenes is commendable.
    I hope that he comes back & takes the director's seat again after sometime.

  5. thanx for the interview......... can u tell me after he left, maan singh joined as director???

    khushi :)

    1. Yes Khushi, Maan Singh joined after he left.

  6. Great Interview. Thanks Rangmunch :)
    Great director, great technicians and great actors.;)
    all da best for your future projects..Hope U'll come back again to direct NBTMKK in future..& totally agree with you..Show is indeed different from saas bahu real and simple and audience can relate to characters.:)

  7. rocking NBLTNMKK

  8. Beautiful interview Thank you so much RM

  9. Thanks RM for such a nice interview . my mother loves this show very much. Because of The simplicity of the show .

  10. Thanks RM for such a great interview...NBTNMKK rocks...!!

  11. Wow! Very good interview and Thanks for bringing it to us.. Only if he had continued in NBT.
    He seems to be very sensible director.One thing I appreciate in this show is how they have shown the life of a widow in a completely different light. I agree with him regarding the usual picture of a widow that is portrayed in our society. Salute to them for attempting to show a widow with 2 children who can live her life with dignity and courage and can also fall in love again.

  12. Thnx 4 cuming up with this video...Got 2 knw of d hard wrk put in by director n odrs...

  13. sofiya here :)

    Thank you so much for this cutee interview&video RM :)
    Amit Mallik we can see you hard work you doing an amazing work man
    we dont have words for you ... the best thing abt this
    no Saas–Bahu type drama and we hoping never see ....
    your hard working for this show we can see ittttt its quite different story but
    the way you guys handling hate off you well my first reason to watch this show just coz of kunal but the story
    its reallly good and of couse the way you show itt its simple amazing,beautiful :D its not easy to shout scene ...we really thnkful you to not let down show ..
    this first show my famile allow me to watch even my mom sister also watch with mee :D
    really nice directing abt NBT :)

    thx alot :)
    NBT rocks <3

  14. wonderful show...loved its direction by you...i like ur comment that u won't stoop ur level down just for the sake of trps...

  15. Totally love this show.. Especially the Mohan-Nanhi, Mohan-Guru scenes, apart from lead pair. Hats off to you guys for making a beautiful show. All the actors have so expressive eyes that they can just emote with their eyes - don't have to talk :)
    God bless you and hope u maintain the essence of NBT and come up with more wonderful shows !

  16. nice interview ...thanks a lot done his fab job.keep rocking NBT:)

    Amisha :)

  17. nice interview.. thanks a lot rangmunch :) brilliant direction.. NBT rocks!!

  18. before testing, I will thank the director for making such an serial..

    I would state NBT as most lovable serial of colors , I lov the way the background music plays w.r.t the situation hats off to the director who has made an wonderful coverage of each an every artist here.

    Wish you all the very best..


  20. thnx 4 dis interview.
    NBTNMKK is a very sweet and simple show. people of any age r interested in it and its simplicity appeal to the people.
    i want to see more interviews especially of aakanksha and kunal.
    love u all....

    : anny :)

  21. Amazing interview... He was good as a director though m loving the work of current director as well... This show indeed is different then typical saas-bahu drama or love stories.. this is mature kind of show n i love it a lot<3 be it mohan-megha, mohan-nanhi or guru or renu scenes i enjoy watching them don't get bored watching this show u indeed thoroughly enjoy it.. Gr8 show.. Sunshine Production it MJHT or NBT their shows r d best<3

  22. amazing interview done ....and NBT and the PH team rocks ..:)

  23. I almost fell in love with this serial. I'm addicted to it, whenever I'm getting little time in office, I'm watching the serial online.
    Great story and great direction. Thanks a lot for giving us such a nice serial, it seems like a real incident happened not a story. Star cast is fantastic, everyone can easily talk everything with their eyes. such an expressive star cast. Love Mohan and Nanhi & Guru mostly.

  24. I don't know whose idea is that Mohan's letter to Megha, it's really heart touching and no words to say or express. It's such a lovely letter and unselfish greatest love on earth having such a lovely person, without a bit of selfishness in his feelings and love. Megha is really a lucky woman to have such a lovely boy in her life as a well-wisher. Many who are after love affairs should learn & feel what exactly is love and the way it should be expressed among each other.


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