The 1st ever scripted reality show- ‘Zindagi Ki Haqeeqat Se Aamna Samna’

The latest buzz that has set the talks of the town on a high pitch is due to the first ever scripted reality show.

We know that it is hard to believe, because the time when the audience claims that a show is scripted is the time when the makers of the show stand up and confront that it is absolutely a reality show with no fiction and a ready script.

However, this is one of its kind that the makers of a reality show on Colors titled- ‘Zindagi Ki Haqeeqat Se Aamna Samna’ have claimed it publicly that their show is a scripted reality show. This is the first reality show that has a ready script and is a platform wherein the real life issues are discussed but with the hired actors.

Our sources reported that the show is loosely based on a not very common format - Confrontation, wherein actors are hired to talk about an issue concerning general public. Colors' ‘Zindagi Ki Haqeeqat Se Aamna Samna’ is aired at 10pm time slot on weekends and the show has successfully debuted with 2.27 TRP points.

The makers of the show said that they are leaving no stone unturned to discuss the real life problems on the show with the hired actors and they take no shame in claiming that it is the first ever scripted reality show on Indian Television.

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Edited by:
Swati Ghosh


  1. would this show is fake If yes Then what FUC....
    the channel working only on TRP.
    There is many other issue on india why that not showing on TV.

  2. this is fuckin bad and fuck yu colors tv...for showin such fake shows and creating such poor impression....

  3. really a fake show making viewers idiots.

  4. A very idiotic concept.The show is a big zero.

  5. real yar fake

  6. How we can STOP this with a legal action against tv show
    I am full confidant that this show is Fake!!!!

  7. Fake and they think we r fools....
    full on Drama serial like old drama movies..

  8. Total fake show making viewers idiot .. This is total drama ...
    Such false show should be banned ..
    WTF colors doing..

  9. Fuck this show.. stop brainwashing general people u freaks jst for can they do this so seriously?

  10. This is Totally fictitious show and i think with no connection to reality

  11. No doubt this show is annoyingly stupid. So are the people who believe it to be real. So is how this "entertainment" business is, and we sadly have to live with this load-of-crap show.

  12. This is seriously funny. When a show is announced.. and it openly accepts its scripted.. you guys have a problem/ When its true and reality based; you guys still have a problem... Atleast Colors r making programs about what really happens in India...and people can see that. Satyamev Jayte started, ppl shed a few tears and it was a non- scripted discussion, so when ppl can see that.. Same with Crime Patrol... why cant they see Zindagi Se... and learn something// if not anything else, atleast Stop this from happening at our own homes !!! A Problem can be CIVIL based as well...

  13. this show is a really fake show this was one of my favorite show but now i didnt watch it i see one people in different episodes with different names it cant be a real show just stop this fake show

  14. fuck this show,these idiots are fooling us ,full of overacting stupid people,this show sucks big time and should close down,sala investigator chutiyah

  15. sala investigator

    1. Yeah that idiot investigator thinks he is James bond ki chatti aulad.

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  18. sale kutte fraud hai ye sab inke 8-10 actors maine alag alag tv serials main kaaam karte hue dekhe hai in sallo ko maroooooo.
    we really have a need to take a solid decision otherwise they will destroy the reputation of other real life television shows.

    oor wo sali bhudhiya bhi accchi serious hoke acting karti hai

    bludddy motherfuckers kuttte harami.

  19. Yeah its fake coz i have seen its actors in many tv seriels :/


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